May 12, 2021

Trapa stands firm before palm oil 'lobby' | Society

Trapa stands firm before palm oil 'lobby' | Society

A woman in a blue suit poses in the middle of wild nature. In one hand he holds a box of chocolates, framed like the rest of his figure in an orange panel that indicates that he is in the jungle of Borneo, in Indonesia. Above his head, the name of the brand he represents, Trapa, and the phrase without palm oil. The announcement of the chocolate company, which is accompanied by a video of the making-of of the campaign that starts with a felling of trees and an orangutan that fights to protect its habitat, its titled An unrepeatable photo, Y has become a time bomb that just exploded. TO The Spanish Sustainable Palm Oil Foundation has not sat well with it and has filed a claim against the self-regulatory body of the advertising industry (Self-control) for considering it deceitful and disloyal.

The Foundation considers that both the image and the video "confuse the consumer", summarizes Horacio González, advisor to the association of which large multinationals such as Ferrero Ibérica or Vandemoortele are part, and must be withdrawn. In his opinion, the campaign of the chocolate company put all the crops in the same bag when there are certified productions under sustainable norms that do not affect biodiversity. The result of the campaign is a biased perspective built about "the idea, not assumable due to a lack of demonstration, that palm oil has negative implications for the environment and for human health", reads a statement released on Tuesday by the lobby of the sector,.

Palm oil, which is used in different products, from food to cosmetics, takes time in the eye of the hurricane for the disastrous environmental effects caused by the increase in demand worldwide. The deforestation and the consequent destruction of the natural habitat of many animals that entails its production on a large scale are the reasons why many companies that previously used it, such as Nocilla or Trapa itself, have decided to do without it and use their decision as a claim advertising

Sources of Chocolates Trapa explain that the company does not intend to withdraw the campaign, which on the other hand already ended in December. They explain that the image was publicized during the last two months of the year, and that the video of the making-of of the ad. In it also appears Tantyo Bangun, director of the non-profit organization International Animal Rescue, who asks to stop the production of this product. "The jungle is deforested to open oil palm plantations, "he says in the recording.

González, from the The Spanish Sustainable Palm Oil Foundation considers that the Trapa campaign infringes different regulations, both national and community, including the consumer information regulation or the unfair competition law. "We want to put some order in the market," he adds.

The Palencia company of chocolates, which After the stage of the Ruiz-Mateos family was declared bankrupt and he was resurrected five years ago, after a change of hands, he assures that "he will carry out the necessary defense actions without being intimidated by the pressure groups" of the sector. "Trapa is a century-old company that has taken a new direction five years ago with new owners, and this includes being more responsible with the environment," say sources of the company, who added that the announcement of discord He intended to communicate the elimination of palm oil from all his products, a process that will be completed throughout this year. "They can say that the campaign is wrong, but we were there," they conclude.

Trapa sent his response to Autocontrol on Wednesday, an entity that explains by email that it can not comment on pending claims. Both parties explain, however, that it does not have the capacity to issue binding opinions, as it is not a court and not even the chocolate company is attached to the self-regulation entity.


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