Transport transfers 446 million to the Autonomous Communities for Housing Plan aid

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) has transferred, in advance, more than 446 million euros to the autonomous communities, for the execution of aid programs of the State Housing Plan aimed mainly at the most vulnerable groups .

In addition to the 346 million euros corresponding to the year 2020 that the Ministry ordered to advance by urgent transfer last April, another 100 million have been added from the Contingency Fund, in accordance with the provisions of the royal decree-law of urgent measures to deal with COVID-19.

By autonomous community, Andalusia has received a total of 79.3 million euros, followed by Catalonia (67.2 million), Madrid (56.4 million), and the Valencian Community (52.8 million).

The autonomous administrations now have the flexibility to decide the amount that they will allocate to the aid programs of the 2018-2021 State Housing Plan, which include direct measures for victims of gender violence, people evicted, the homeless and especially vulnerable .

In addition, they are targeting the program to help minimize the economic and social impact of COVID-19 on regular home rentals.


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