Transport sends the order to the councils to start with the resident bond – La Provincia

Transport sends the order to the councils to start with the resident bond - La Provincia

The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Pablo Rodríguez, signed yesterday the orders that give budgetary support to the bond that makes the tickets cheaper for the residents of the Islands.

The regional government has already sent to the councils provisions for a total of 47.5 million, of which 27.5 are intended to finance the needs of the system of regular public transport of passengers on each island and the remaining 20 million to the so-called bonus resident.

This new system – already underway in Tenerife and being completed in Gran Canaria, La Gomera and Fuerteventura – as well as reducing the price of collective public transport, must contribute to reducing the level of pollution and improving the quality of life of citizens and citizens. the flow of traffic.

The objective, says the Ministry in a statement, "is to move towards optimal mobility and that goes through a process of digitalization of the sector, promote improvements in regulation and establish measures such as the bonus," he says.

In that sense, the island councils now have the obligation to issue the voucher both in physical support, as in applications or computer supports; set a flat rate only and valid monthly; to be used only by Canarian residents, and to allow their use in the lines of public collective land transport of travelers of general use.

Likewise, the insular institutions are subject to signing agreements or legal instruments that are enabled to achieve the dual purpose of the subsidy with public transport operators of passengers or third parties and, among other matters, provide the Ministry with all the information that it needs to prove the fulfillment of the destination and purpose of the received funds.

The cost of the system is estimated at 30 million. After this first transaction of 20 million the Executive leaves pending of a later order the remaining 10 million. Of the total Tenerife and Gran Canaria, the islands with more population, will receive the bulk, twelve million each.


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