Transport businessmen demand help and solutions from the Community of Madrid

Entrepreneurs of discretionary road transport have transferred to the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, “the critical and emergency situation” that the sector is experiencing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and demand the development of various plans of help.

Jesús Gonzalo, President of the association of road transport entrepreneurs (AETRAM) and the Madrid Committee for Road Transport has indicated in a press release that “discretionary passenger transport urgently needs the implementation of a reconstruction plan for the sector in Madrid “, for which they request the collaboration and help of the Community of Madrid.

Gonzalo has specified that this measure is not only to avoid the crisis in the sector “but so that society is not affected by a crisis, a consequence of our crisis, that prevents it from having freedom of movement and displacement.”

Transport companies, according to employers, need an urgent reconstruction plan, or regional pact for companies that carry out the discretionary transport of travelers, RUE, schoolchildren, producers, homogeneous groups, and national and foreign tourism.

Also another that includes tax policies that subsidize companies, another of deductions and tax benefits to ensure their survival, as well as the reduction or elimination of rates or contributions.

They also demand that “the available resources be mobilized to reactivate the tourism and discretionary transport sector, once the national government itself considers, for the first time, a fundamental integral part of the tourism sector.”

According to AETRAM, these plans must consider discretionary passenger transport “as an essential, essential and irreplaceable part of collective citizen mobility” and must be aimed at mitigating the economic effects that the pandemic is causing “very seriously” to companies that carry out discretionary transport. of travelers.

They also demand financing according to the needs of companies “that allows raising the level of transformation and professionalization and that provides legal certainty and sustainability”

Employers in the sector request “urgently and immediately” that they proceed to assess and pay the companies that carry out the school transport of public centers dependent on the Ministry of Education and Youth, and the Ministry of Social Welfare, “the compensation and compensation to which the companies awarded the transport routes are entitled ”.


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