October 29, 2020

Transport and mobility levels remained low on Good Friday

Traffic levels remained low yesterday at similar levels in all modes of transport to the previous Sunday, given that it was a public holiday (Good Friday) throughout Spain, the General Secretary for Transport, María José Rallo, said on Saturday.

The Cercanías services were provided without incident and with normality, and also with traffic levels corresponding to the previous Sunday, Rallo has detailed in the press conference that the coronavirus technical committee offers daily.

Renfe’s commercial services, including high-speed ones, were used by 1,190 travelers, bringing the environment back to 1,000, reaching “well below” the volume of passengers on a normal day.

In long-distance intercity bus services, occupancy levels of around 1% were around, while 228 operations were registered in air transport, which shows that they are getting smaller every day.

As for the light vehicle, the drop was between 91% and 95% compared to a normal day, a level very similar to that of the previous Sunday, and, on the global network, traffic was reduced by around 95%.

These are “very low” movement figures, Rallo stressed, according to whom, “every day that they are this low is a successful day, although it is true that the situation of a holiday accompanies this reality,” aggregate.


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