December 5, 2020

Transport alerts of slight increases of users in trains and highways

The Secretary General for Transport, María José Rallo, insisted on Wednesday on the need to try to avoid travel as much as possible, after the slight increases recorded yesterday in the number of users of Renfe’s commercial services and vehicles on the roads.

Renfe’s commercial services, including high-speed services, were used yesterday by 1,300 people and although they are “very few” compared to 89,000 on a normal day last year, a slight rise is observed compared to previous days, in which the numbers were around 1,000 travelers.

Hence, “the need to emphasize the importance of trying to avoid travel as much as possible, and although” a figure of one day cannot be considered a trend at all, “it is important to remain alert, Rallo insisted at the press conference. offered daily by the coronavirus technical committee.

Likewise, a slight rebound in light vehicle traffic has been observed with respect to the previous days, of 2%, and although it cannot be considered a trend, it has warned that, while in lines with an average of 83% reduction in Spain, it is now in a range of 81%.

Regarding commuter services, Rallo has said that they continue with previous occupation levels, less than 10% in Madrid and 7% in Rodalies de Catalunya.

Rallo has referred to an incident that occurred this morning in the Madrid Cercanías network and that has affected lines C3 and C4, causing delays of about 10 minutes, but “without agglomerations,” he stressed.

Intercity bus transport continues in very low numbers, with, for example, only three passengers yesterday on the Madrid-Toledo line, compared to more than 1,400 on an equivalent day in 2019.

Regarding ports, the reduction in passenger traffic on the lines between the peninsula and non-peninsular destinations (Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) is between 92% and 93% in all of them.

As an example, it has indicated that 188,000 people passed through the Balearic ports network between March 15 and 31 of the previous year, while, in the same period of 2020, only 11,400, 94% less.


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