March 6, 2021

Transfers and departures from Real Madrid, that's how the money accounts go

The summer of sales of Real Madrid can reach a record. After Theo's sale to Milan, Real Madrid adds about 125 million raised in football salesto. Milan has paid 20 for Theo; between Kovacic and Llorente added 85 and the transfer of Raúl de Tomás al Rayo added another 20. Only the departure of Reguilón, to be cession, has not left money in the white club. Last year, with the sale of Ronaldo and other footballers, the Bernabéu received 134 million; 128 two seasons ago; but 38 ago and 15 ago four campaigns.

Real Madrid is not a selling club, because the big ones tend to be buyers, but now the panorama has changed. First, Real Madrid wanted to clear the locker room so that Zidane could work more peacefully. Between the signings and the loaned ones that have returned there was an excess of soccer players that prevented the trainer to work with tranquility now that the equipment returns and goes to Montreal and in addition, with the new Financial Fair Play of the UEFA the big investments have to be accompanied of sales. Right now Real Madrid has spent about 300 million arrivals, with Hazard as the main figure and a little less than half with the outputs. In a club that has raised a small revolution, the accounts are coming out perfectly.

For now the exits are getting all parties happy: Theo knew he had no place in the team and in Italy he sees a way out; Raúl de Tomas had the same and climbed competitively with Benfica; while both Llorente and Kovacic knew that they did not count for the French coach and wanted to try to have more minutes on other teams. So far these two players have been the best white sales, but they are expected to be behind others.

James is one of the players with whom he thinks more to achieve, when the Napoli decides to sign him. In the club it is considered that the Colombian can be valued at 50 million.

It remains to be seen if, while in the North American preseason, an offer comes with Navas feeling satisfied and leaving the team to be a starter in another.

Mayoral, even on vacation, is likely to be sold to the Royal Society or abroad.

And Bale, the great unknown. Zidane seems to trust Asensio and Isco and except capital offer they will not move. But Bale is another story. An exit is sought and it is considered that a figure close to 70 million is a good price, although it is the most uncertain of all the transfer market of Real Madrid.

And with that money, at the Bernabéu they wait for Pogba to press and United sit down at the table to negotiate-

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