Transfer: Today’s transfer market: Pogba, De Bruynee and other names that ring in Europe

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Paulo Fonseca’s Rome plans

9:15 hours.The Roman team wants to do double business with Manchester United. In the first place, he wants to extend the transfer ofChris Smalling, and also wants to sign the Chilean attackerAlexis Snchezwho is currently at Inter but seems to have no place in the English team once the loan ends with the Interista team.

8:45 a.m.La Gazzetta dello SportHe publishes on the cover of his newspaper Conte and Inter’s intentions to make a super team for next season to challenge Juve’s reign. To do this, it has to take liquidity out ofIcardi and Perisicand with it go forPogbaManchester United and if he ends up leavingLautarohis substitute will beTimo Wernerand notCavani.

8:39 hours.Through the local Manchester newspaper,Manchester Evening News, the news of some statements by one of the great stars of Mancheter City came out, as is the BelgianKevin de Bruyne, in which he expressed his intention to leave the citizen team if he did not end by removing the sanction imposed on his club by UEFA for not being able to play the Champions League next season.

Good morning!Welcome one more day to the direct transfer market, where we will tell everything related to the market: news, rumors, transfers, transfers… the last hour of what the clubs are planning as they work on getting back into competition as soon as possible. Let’s go there!


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