February 28, 2021

Transfer, the team that Dani Ceballos will be on loan from Real Madrid

The signings that are missing to reach Real Madrid will take time to do it and now is the time to Give a little speed to the "exit operation". Confirmed the marches of Raúl de Tomás, Marcos Llorente and Kovacic, Real Madrid is focused, among other things, on find a destination for Dani Ceballos. Zidane is clear that he does not need it now, but in case he prefers a cession without purchase option. The footballer feels good and is torn between Milan and London to have minutes next season.

Ceballos has said that the next one is going to be his year and he needs to play 40 games to show his quality and grow. In Madrid he has not had opportunities and AC Milan and Tottenham of Pochettino are the two closest teams to get their assignment. The Italians are the longest behind the Sevillian, while for Londoners it would be a cheap option to give more variations to their midfield.

Ceballos has been unleashed in the European sub'21, demonstrating that he can lead the core of any team in various positions. It has arrival, overflows and knows how to order the game. At Real Madrid they have been able to put pressure and desire to do well. He wanted to convince in each play and that has hurt him. Anyway, in the club they do not want to lose it so soon, they trust that it can be that substitute of Modric in which they thought when he was hired.

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