July 25, 2021

Trans activists stop the hunger strike against Podemos commitment to process their law

Trans activists stop the hunger strike against Podemos commitment to process their law

The Trans Platform has called off the hunger strike that this morning started 17 of its activists after having obtained from Podemos commitment to bring the Trans State Law to the full Congress before August 2019 and include it in the budget negotiation table with the Government.

This has been reported to Efe platform president, Mar Cambrollé, who has shown his satisfaction because his requirement to have a date for the initiative that Unidos Podemos registered in February to begin his parliamentary journey has been successfully met in such a short time .

"It was not a symbolic measure, there were people willing to take it to its ultimate consequences", Cambrollé added about the hunger strike, with which they wanted us to stop having "kidnapped their rights in a drawer".

The Confederal parliamentary group of Unidos Podemos-En Comú Podem-En Marea has also included this proposal in the bilateral roundtable of budget negotiations opened with the Government of Pedro Sánchez, as reported by IU in a press release in which it reaffirms its "total commitment "with the initiative.

It pursues with this that the Socialist Executive "help to bring it to the plenary session of the Congress and thus contribute to make" among themselves "the demands of a collective that only seeks justice and reparation also reaches those who integrate them".

IU believes that "everything possible should be done to accelerate this process" despite the "reduced" capacity of the group to register legislative initiatives, which leads to "some already accumulate about two years of waiting for their decision to be processed." in consideration".

In his opinion, the hunger strike initiated by 17 activists of the platform, including mothers and young transsexuals, "can help to give a boost to this initiative" and help "resolve the social, moral debt and breach of rights that it exists at this moment with this collective ".

The text, the result of the consensus of transgender organizations and supported by more than 150 social collectives, depathologizes trans identity in all areas, whether the sanitary, educational, work or sports, and takes into account minors, seniors or immigrants.

In this way, it proposes that transsexual persons of up to 16 years of age can access hormonal treatments without their parents' permission and that a judicial defender be appointed for those minors of that age who do not have the consent of any of their parents.

It also provides for the same formula for minors who wish to change their name and sex in the registry, which may be male, female or non-binary, or that the National Health System will cover treatments such as hormonal and tone modulation and voice timbre, among other measures.



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