August 1, 2021

Trajano: "We have to reinvent political music" | Culture

Trajano: "We have to reinvent political music" | Culture

With his victory over Dacians and barbarians, the Emperor Trajan had a privileged place in history to take the Roman Empire to its maximum expansion. For its band of the same name, the equivalent of crossing the Danube bridges of the leader would be to fill the rooms of tens of thousands of people. But either they do not have the ambition of the Hispanic, or they would not consider it such a valuable victory. "It would be great if it happened, but we are very comfortable like that", explains Carlos Mun, one third of the band – along with Lois Brea and Álvaro Naive.

The comfort zone that he describes is that of a group respected in the scene underground madrileña, a band with a Galician accent that is about to release its second album, after its debut album Lazarus (2014). Since then, they have changed managers, band and label members, signing for Mushroom Pillow. They have fled the sambenito post punk, that has persecuted them in so much interview and written text, and have chosen to qualify as art rock: "So you can see how good we are by tagging" he adds.

The doubt lay in keeping an ace in the sleeve to remove it with a long or adapt to the current industry, marked by the moment, the shared in social networks: the single wave mixtape: "I think that this concept has not yet reached the indie and to work. It is a fashion more marked by the rap and the trap, because their genres evolve at a great speed and make a product that goes hand in hand with video, very oriented to video. If you do not drive in the mainstream, or you get a genius like Childish Gambino, or you have to try other things, "answers Brea.

The spearhead of his new job has been his simple Opposite Algebra, staged in the form of western in its version of video clip and with a deep mathematical background. "Turing is a character that has always been interesting to me. They just released their movie when we were working on the album. And it seemed like a good way to represent that change of state, which can only be on one side or another. And it seems to me very representative of the system in which we are living from how little by little the gray ones are erasing, and we are in an increasingly binary system of ones and zeros, of left or right ".

They are aware of the reality of the times, but they are not particularly passionate about social networks, which consider one more part of the work -and unavoidable- of work, or algorithms or playlists: "I think it weakens the scene independent because we live more than ever before the trend, and frankly at this time it is very difficult to develop a product that has something more, "says Brea.

However, at a time when many of the groups on the international scene opt for the issue of escapism to go through the turbulent times of the world political agenda, they believe the opposite. "We have to reinvent political music. This genre has been much discredited, but by setting the example of This Is America, that is called political music, and it does not come with the pamphlet of the hand. We have done a couple of very political issues on our album, but it is true that the references require a few listeners, we are perhaps very demanding with the interlocutor ".

Trajan! tonight will open the concert series Mad Town Days By Jim Bean, which will distribute numerous proposals for the emerging music scene between October 4 and December 1 through the Madrid and Barcelona theaters. Anita Kuruba, Amatria, A penguin in the elevator, Delaporte or Orishas are some of the other proposals with which they share the poster in the 2018 edition.


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