Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Training in the digital age, a debate at the Agneignomics meeting

La formación en la era digital, a debate en el encuentro Agneignomics

How should training be in the digital age? Continue, to adapt to new challenges. With employees as protagonists of their own learning path, especially in the case of the most senior employees. These and other ideas are those that have been extracted from the meeting Agneignomics, organized by Mapfre Y Deusto

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Regarding the seniors, the ICADE Economics professor, Emilio
González, has explained that this type of workers provide a key experience to work as a team, as well as a more long-term vision and emotional intelligence. This is a very important characteristic according to the general secretary of the Spanish Confederation of Teaching Centers (CECE), Santiago
Garcia, who thinks that this quality is what differentiates us from robots.


Professionals between 25 and 35 years are the most demanded

However, seniors are not the most wanted employees: the president of Catenon, Javier
Azcárate, has indicated that professionals between 25 and 35 are the most demanded. A proof of this is that they have a rotation close to 3%.

Something that will be accentuated in the future if the director of formation of EY, Natalia
Grijalba, has right: new technologies must be incorporated from an early age in learning. In this case, companies have a fundamental role in the creation of digitalization programs, especially for seniors.

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