Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Trailer exclusively in Catalan of 'Terra Willy: unknown planet'

Tráiler en exclusiva en catalán de ‘Terra Willy: planeta desconocido’

The next April 26 the animated movie lands on the billboard Terra Willy: unknown planet, a fun and exciting family proposal mix of science fiction, comedy and adventure films directed by Éric Tosti, co-creator with David Alaux of the saga The jungle panda.

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The story stars Willy, a ten-year-old boy, and his robot Buck, who take us to a quaint unknown planet to discover its incredible colors and the amazing customs of the creatures that inhabit it. Terra Willy: unknown planet It deals with interesting topics such as friendship, effort, self-esteem, teamwork and respect for the environment to enter a fascinating and dangerous planet, half wild nature, half inhospitable desert.

The vanguard offers exclusively to its readers the trailer in Catalan of this movie distributed by Karma Films that has the privileged voices of Raoul Vázquez Y Nerea Rodríguez, of OT 2017 in the main roles, both in the Spanish and Catalan versions. Nerea, who has studied dubbing, is responsible for lending her voice to Willy, while Raoul plays Buck, his inseparable robot bodyguard.

The locals are inseparable friends in real life, just like Willy and Buck. Both also interpret duo For you , the official song of the BSO Terra Willy: Unknown planet in our country, which plays in theaters in the final credits of the film.

All the collection of sales in digital platforms of this song based on the values ​​fostered by the story of Éric Tosti will go to the Small Wish Foundation.

The animated film premieres on April 26 and is a family proposal that mixes science fiction, comedy and adventure films

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