Tragsa to AECP: "We are here to make them see that we add"

María Salud Gil, president of the AECP, in the center and, to her left, Paloma López, from Grupo Tragsa. / c7

The company meets with the Association of Builders and Promoters of Las Palmas to discuss its role in the execution of public works

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The Association of Builders and Promoters of the Province of Las Palmas (AECP) held a meeting this Thursday morning, at its headquarters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with the national heads of the
public company Tragsain order to discuss the role of the latter in the
execution of public works.

Precisely, the president of the AECP, María Salud Gil, explained this morning, in a media call prior to the meeting, that the reason for the visit of the public company to the Canarian association is due to the
"critical attitude" from the latter towards Tragsa.

It should be noted that the Tragsa Group, with more than 40 years of existence and fully public share capital, has the status of contracting authority and personified means of the Public Administrations that participate in its shareholding, as detailed in its web space. It also includes the company Tragsa and its subsidiary, Tragsatec.

Approach of postures

Gil specified that Tragsa has executed
around 419 works on the islandsfor an approximate amount of
€324 million, between 2018 and April 2022, according to the data handled by the AECP itself. In this regard, he clarified that the island councils have been especially active, followed by the autonomous community: "55% of the councils and 37% the autonomous community."

The AECP and the public company Tragsa meet to seek ways of collaboration. /


Faced with this scenario, he openly exposed the critical position of the AECP: «We have shown our concern and, on occasions, our anger, due to the fact that certain works are not put out to tender and, nevertheless, go to the scope of execution of the company public Tragsa».

Precisely, the objective of today's meeting consists «at the initiative of Tragsa, in trying to establish a channel of
collaboration, permanent and fluid dialogue between our sector and the public company”, indicated the president.

AECP's claim

Gil, yes, insisted that the association will continue "claiming the role of the companies so that the works are carried out directly, because we understand that, in the end, we are the ones who also carry out the Tragsa works", although not in all processes, since "there are situations in which Tragsa has to intervene".

In addition, he stressed that "in 2021, compared to 2020,
the community bid 23% less and the Ministry of Public Works, basically the central administration, 37% less». So far this year, he assured, the autonomy has tendered a "-50%".

"We hope that, as of today, we can work in unison in favor of the general interest and the sector that I represent", concluded the president of the AECP.

Tragsa's perspective

For her part, Paloma López Izquierdo, director of Coordination and Institutional Actions of the Tragsa Group, showed a conciliatory position, emphasizing that the visit of the public company is intended to "value the work that Tragsa does, in general, in the Canary Islands" .

"In 2021, compared to 2020, the community (Canary Islands) tendered 23% less and the Ministry of Public Works 37%"

Mary Health Gil

President of AECP

"Public administrations can come to us, it is perfectly legitimate for them to go either to their own medium or to bid, it is in their capacity for self-organization," he clarified.

A posterioriconsidered that "working with Tragsa is an advantage", highlighting the more than 18,000 professionals that make up the entity, as well as its response capacity, especially in "emergency situations".

Another aspect of Tragsa that he highlighted was his "vocation to incorporate
sustainability criteria» in «all» his works. "For example, in our purchases we do not go to auction, we incorporate responsible criteria in 70% of our actions, which account for 80% in price."

His work in the Canary Islands

On the other hand, he pointed out that almost all the work carried out by the company in the Canary Islands is an emergency and stressed that, when they lack their own means, they "turn" to companies in the archipelago. "We are already doing it and it works very well," he added.

In this line, Tragsa highlighted its proximity, its ability to react and payments, faster than those made by public administrations, as revealed.

I'm here to make you see that we add, that our intervention here adds up, our common objective is the public good. We want to collaborate, seek ways of dialogue, facilitate communication and value that together we can
seek solutions and answers to the problems of the Canary Islandsfleeing from any type of conflict”, he sentenced.

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