tragedies with names and surnames that do not stop

tragedies with names and surnames that do not stop

The sea of ​​life and death of Galicia adds, with the sinking of "Sin Querer Dos", a new accident – with three fatalities and a fourth person who is missing – that swells the list of the most tragic of the history of navigation in the Community.

The cause is not known, but the "Sea Wolves" do not rule out that it is in the curse of the so-called basses of Os Meixidos, which were forever inscribed in the story since that distant October 28, 1905, when the battleship "Cardinal Cisneros" suffered a waterway after which he experienced a documented cataclysm.

On that occasion, despite going under, the 524 crew members saved their lives. This time, in the sinking four and a half miles from Cabo Fisterra, with yellow alert for waves of between 4 and 5 meters, there was no such luck and again the mourning has come for one of those fateful setbacks in the ocean to which nobody gets used to it, even though it can become a hostile environment for the human being.

Not in vain, even the preservation of life can be preceded by a real ordeal, as has been the case of this wreck with six survivors located in life rafts, who in their odyssey have managed to launch themselves in those rigid boats that are only used when there are contingencies.

The crew of this boat came to work for four days in the Bay of Biscay and, after stopping in A Coruña, where they have been fishing jack mackerel, they were heading home, to spend the Christmas holidays with their families.

In this day the misfortune has name and surnames, the "Sin Querer Dos", but, as according to the main studies on the subject about 80 percent of the sailors who lose their lives every year in Spain are from Galicia, before, in the In recent times, there were many others.

On April 26, 2017, the fishing boat "Novo Marcos", based in Portonovo (Pontevedra), as well as the "Sin Querer Dos", hit against a punt in a polygon near the Island of Tambo and the result of its Immersion – I had already suffered two previous ones – was three deaths.

Equal was the balance of the "Paquito Number Two", of eighteen meters in length and with base port in Cabo de Cruz, in the municipality of Boiro, which suffered a stroke of the sea.

The patron Germán Fernández, 52, perished then near Corrubedo; Santiago Blanco, 47; and Juan Antonio Hermo, of 38. It ran, as now, the month of December, although of 2014.

In that same year, on April 1, the clash between the fisherman Mar de Marín and the merchant Baltic Breeze, at the southern entrance of the Ría de Vigo, claimed the lives of four sailors, while another was declared missing. No sign of him.

Further back in time, in 2010, three Portuguese sailors died when the "Vimar" fishing boat, of the Portuguese flag, split in two, again due to a sea blow suffered by the boat at the height of A Ínsua, at the mouth of the river Miño, in front of A Guarda.

Whether due to inclement weather, structural defects or professional imprudence, every so often these painful fatalities in maritime traffic end up shaking society.


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