May 11, 2021

Traffic of hashish in Tarifa: disjointed organization

Traffic of hashish in Tarifa: disjointed organization

Agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard, in a joint operation, arrested and investigated 28 people belonging to a criminal organization dedicated to the trafficking of large-scale hashish from North Africa to the coasts of Campo de Gibraltar.

The investigation began last September. The agents observed a group of people related to drug trafficking who was holding meetings with members of another criminal organization, dedicated to the logistic support of drug trafficking organizations through the contribution of high-powered off-road vehicles to be used in the caches.

As a result of the monitoring and surveillance of this group of people, it became clear the existence of farms and premises located in the town of Tarifa, in the areas of Luz and Bologna, which were serving as "day-care centers" for vehicles and drugs. The result of the investigation was the high level of life that some of the members of the organization had, not according to their income, however other of its members had "legal" jobs with which they went unnoticed not to be related to the world of drug trafficking.

As a result of the operation, it was possible to apprehend a cache of hashish in the coastal area called "El Ancón" in Tarifa, in which the organization used two stolen vehicles and a semi-rigid boat that were operated.

The entire organization has been dismantled

As a result of this apprehension, the investigators proceeded to the entry and registration of several farms and housing in Tarifa. There they intervened large amounts of cash, another stolen vehicle and abundant computer and mobile telephony equipment, as well as two long firearms and a short and two detonating pistols, used to avoid "overturning" in day care centers by other criminal organizations.

With the arrests made, the organization under investigation is disbanded, not ruling out new arrests in Moroccan territory, after collaboration with the police authorities of the aforementioned country.


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