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The 'trading' consists of the purchase and sale of quoted assets with a lot of market liquidity (shares, currencies and futures). And that financial market is electronic and regulated. Its objective is to obtain an economic benefit when the operation generates capital gains, a type of speculative stock trading, so it is subject to the fluctuations of the market. Its operations are based on buying an asset to sell it at a higher price or selling an asset, to buy it again at a lower cost. One of the reasons, why this trend has become popular is due to the entry of new technologies. Thus, there are specialized 'online' platforms in which you can operate and that act as intermediaries for operations or 'brokers'.

In order to develop the facet of 'trader' it is necessary to first think about everything that may be needed: Hire a 'broker' that provides the 'trading' platform and have adequate training, to operate in these environments you have to know what you are doing. Training in this field is essential to avoid financial losses that can do a lot of damage to the personal economy. Keep in mind that 'trading' is risky, so it is important to reinforce your knowledge well. You can study to be a good trader.

If we talk specifically about Cryptocurrencies, it is important to keep in mind that it is a virtual currency based on blockchain technology, which acts as an accounting book in which operations are recorded and that it has independent programmers as verifiers. In this way, transactions do not go through a single central place, but are approved from different places. The cryptocurrency is made up of a digital file with a unique code that is read through different programs that are used to view it, keep it and carry out transactions. It is "a new form of money that brings a different way of interacting with it."

It does not have a single or stable value, since it fluctuates according to supply and demand. They are stored in so-called wallets that must be created specifically. It is software that can be stored on a computer, on a mobile phone or on any other digital device, but the most convenient way is to leave it in custody in a cryptocurrency bank. The main benefits are decentralization, they do not depend on any bank, shipping to any part of the world quickly and without cost and the impossibility of counterfeiting it. Scarcity is another advantage, since the cryptocurrency is not subject to inflation. The main risk is volatility (sharp rises and falls in value) that can cause large losses in hours. Although there are also stable cryptocurrencies that have parity with the dollar or the euro, such as the USD Coin (USDC) or the DAI. Although it is not a risk, it should be noted that the transactions are fixed, that is, if a shipment is made to another person, it cannot be stopped or undone.

We are going to present, as a Guide, five totally trustworthy companies specialized in Trading, Investments and Cryptocurrencies:

Open Trading Club

First we talk to OPen Trading Club an academy with professional trajectory. At OTC we have more than 20 years of accumulated experience in our team analyzing and operating the markets through various disciplines. We have written several well-known trading books. We have MIFID II certifications technical guide 04/2017 of the CNMV in Investment Advice and Expert in Investment Information, among other internationally recognized professional certifications.

We offer a solution to new investors, providing them with everything they need from 0 to 100 so that they can learn to operate effectively and generate extra income. Thanks to our team of qualified professionals, we cover the four main areas of successful, consistent and profitable trading:

-Professional Technical Analysis, where we have certified experts with years of accumulated experience analyzing the different states of the market.

-Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Analysis, where we have experts in Banking Consulting and Investment Management from the Antonio Nebrija University specialized in fundamentals.

-Psychotrading, we have specialized personnel in Coaching and Financial Mentoring andFocused on solving our students' learning problems in order to promote progress towards their goals directly, avoiding stagnation of results.

-Algorithmic trading, an area where our team of Computer Engineers offers solutions to problems through mathematical algorithms and tools that allow our students to process financial markets effectively, easily and quickly.

It is obvious that to be successful from the beginning, you have to choose professionals.

Contact phone: 656770302

Smart Investment

We have subsequently contacted Smart Investment to explain to us in a clear and simple way what they do and how they do it.

We have more than 10 years of experience in trading, and 20 in training. Our personal training process was long, complex and very expensive, so we decided to develop our own method so that anyone could become a trader.

We offer high quality training, in a rigorous but very didactic way, through our own methodology based on e-learning, with short video classes and reinforcement with homework and videoconferences, and all this adapted to the time needs of each student. We have students of all ages, degrees of knowledge and time available since our own method is adapted for each student. Both our method and the courses we offer are unique. Our Intelligent Investment trading course provides a very high level of knowledge to the student, it is the sum of what in other academies are several independent courses. It includes technical analysis, charting, Japanese candlesticks, Elliott Wave Theory, and "how to create your own trading system". This last point does not exist in the market either and it is very important since, to a great extent, the success or failure of the trader will depend on his system.

822 60 00 10 | 650 58 27 76


We cannot forget about Artsgain, a benchmark for Investments in Art. This is how they present themselves.

Art Backgrounds, a Smart Alternative

We are a team of enthusiastic art professionals advised by specialists from the global art market.

What we offer is to invest in a high-yielding alternative asset: co-invest in funds made up of the best art in the world that encompasses the top 50 blue chip artists and his works of great quality, which are also the most liquid. The Top Artists Index has outperformed the S&P500 by 2.3 times with an average return of 29.6% per year since 2000.

We address professional and institutional investors and those investors who invest a minimum of €100,000 and they want to increase their diversification in assets that behave as a refuge value in times of inflation, as do large estates.

Our funds are based on diversified themes to invest only in works of art according to global trends of the near future (2025-30) such as, for example, in top women artists who grow 2.5 times more than men, artists in their last creative phase, future artistic events, social art and with sustainability thanks to practices eco-sustainable.

We are the only Spanish manager dedicated to art regulated by the CNMV and that also offers information on the monthly evolution of the NAV and comparative indices with the financial sector thanks to the use of our own algorithm and big data. 934 920 377 @artsgain


At the cryptocurrency level, JobChain They explain who they are and how they work.

We have been working since 2018, Jobchain was born out of the need for a platform with which salaries can be paid internationally quickly, safely and at low cost. Currently 1,700 million people do not have access to a bank account, so a service like ours allows them to receive a salary and manage those funds in a safe and very simple way.

On our platform we offer three services, 1. An identity wallet, where the user will be able to manage their identity and carry out verified transactions; 2. A job portfolio, where the user can manage their work experience, their contracts, courses, licenses and receive their salary; and finally 3. A portfolio of assets, where the user can store their properties, objects, cryptocurrencies, etc. and access a market of assets where they can buy, sell, deposit, transfer said assets.

The people and companies that have been most interested are usually related to the world of sports; although companies from the world of telecommunications and the sector related to blockchain have also been interested.

We are pioneers in providing recruitment services with payment of salaries in cryptocurrencies worldwide. Our team is made up of highly qualified people in the world of blockchain and cybersecurity, with a past in international organizations such as the Atomic Agency or the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Our growth is being meteoric, in 2020 we were the cryptocurrency that grew the most, and in 2021 we closed the year with rising numbers that enable us to grow and expand new branches, highlighting the new opening of our headquarters in India.

[email protected] | (+34) 623 023 182


And last but not least, Satoshi, who is a benchmark in the sector, presents us with their work and what they do for their clients.

Satoshi UK was founded in 2018 by Alejandro Ibáñez de Pedro. They started in a garage building their own mining rigs and since then they have been joined by professionals with experience in programming, engineering, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrencies and administration, united with the idea of create solutions to mine cryptocurrencies in a safe way, simple and scalable. Our vision is to expand our position as leaders in the production and sale of machines for mining crypto assets in Spain throughout Europe. We have two business lines: sale of mining rigs Y Home Mining.

Regarding our mining equipment, we have four models: S-80, S-160, S-420 and S-1040. These are products developed to offer the maximum power per electrical cost and ensure a long life for the equipment. We offer the most profitable rigs in Spain, it is very important to check the electrical consumption and the MH/s.

At Home Mining we offer our data center specialized in cryptocurrency mining to maintain and ensure the operation of your machines. We provide our clients a solution that allows them to access the business of mining in a scalable and uncomplicated way.

We offer a gateway to the mining activity that is very accessible and scalable, which is why we have all kinds of clients: Individuals, large companies and governments.

[email protected] | +34 649 317 710

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