Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Trade unions warn Casado that "there will be social conflict" if he tries to lower the minimum wage

Trade unions warn Casado that "there will be social conflict" if he tries to lower the minimum wage

The majority unions, CCOO and UGT, have warned Pablo Casado on Wednesday that the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) of 900 euros per month "can not be reversed." The general secretaries of both organizations, Unai Sordo and Pepe Álvarez, respectively, have responded this afternoon to the statements of the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, in which he defended leaving the SMI at 850 euros per month next year, which has then rectified.

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"What I will do is comply, now that we talk about the fulfillment of negotiations, the negotiation that the Government arrived with the agreement of the employers and the unions to raise the minimum wage to 850 euros in the year 2020," said Casado in an interview this morning on Onda Cero, in which they have asked him if he would undo the increase of the SMI up to 900 euros per month approved by the Government of Pedro Sánchez this 2019, after an agreement with Unidos Podemos.

If this reduction were fulfilled, it would be the first reduction of the SMI approved by a government in the history of Spain. In a matter of hours, Pablo Casado has rectified and described as "fake news" the broadcast of the announcement of his intention to lower the SMI. Sources of the PP confirmed before to that the declaration of Casado talked about to locate the SMI in 850 euros in 2020. That is to say, to reduce it 50 euros.

The leader of the PP has not explained what is his bet on this issue for next year, although he has argued that his will is to consult the issue with employers and unions. "You can hardly download something that is approved," he added in an act this afternoon.

Álvarez: "The road is not to lower it, it is to take it to 1,000"

The Secretary General of CCOO, Unai Sordo, has spread in his Twitter profile his assessment of the statements of the leader of the PP. "If Pablo Casado wants to value the social dialogue and recover consensus, to announce the repeal of the 2013 pension reform and the 2012 labor reform, which made all the political and social consensuses jump," he said.

On the minimum wage, Sordo has bet on "guarantee the effective application of the SMI" and has warned that a decrease would lead to mobilizations: "There can be no reverse or there will be social conflict."

For its part, the leader of UGT, Pepe Alvarez, points to that is "absolutely incredible" that someone can propose a reduction of the minimum wage, although in the past there was an agreement with social agents to reach 850 euros next year.

"The road is not to lower it to 850, it is to take it to 1,000," says the general secretary of UGT. The unions also signed an agreement with the employers so that the minimum wage agreed in the collective agreements between employers and workers' representatives be 1,000 euros next year.


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