March 1, 2021

Trade unions and Ryanair resume negotiations to avoid strikes on Thursday and Sunday – The Province

Trade unions and Ryanair resume negotiations to avoid strikes on Thursday and Sunday - The Province

Representatives of USO Sector Aéreo and Sitcplahave met again this Tuesday with the management ofRyanair, after yesterday in an "act of good faith" both unions agreed to call off the first day ofstrikeofcabin crew(TCP), to insist on theairlinein which the national legislation applies to the collective.

The general secretary of USO-Ryanair, Gustavo Silva, has told Europa Press that "rapprochements" are taking place and that they hope to reach an agreement "satisfactory for both parties", although this does not mean that "the thing is closed or that go well ", but a commitment on the part of theindications.

Thus, both Silva and the vocal of Sitcpla Manuel Lodeiro have indicated that the future of the two days of strike called on January 10 and 13 depend on the development of thesetalks, which is being attended by Ryanair's human resources director, Eddie Wilson.

"The ball is on the roof of Ryanair," said both union representatives, who stressed that the government must also fulfill its responsibility so that, in the words of Lodeiro, national legislation is applied to all European citizens and nationals and "have the same rights", as pointed out by the European Transport Commissioners, Violeta Bulc, and Employment and Social Affairs, Marianne Thyssen during the meetings held by the European trade unions.

From USO and Sitcpla denounce that despite what has already been said in the courts, the Labor Inspectorate and the European Commission throughout 2018, in Spain is the only European country where labor legislation is being violated.
Both unions demand from Ryanair a model of progressive transfers of the TCP, in order of seniority, as well as the creation of an ETT that conforms to the Spanish legality to carry out, where appropriate, temporary hiring and in accordance with the same conditions of I work in the main company.

Having canceled the strike today, and waiting for the evolution of the negotiation, the cabin crew (TCP) of Ryanair in Spain are called to strike on 10 and 13 January, called by USO and Sitcpla, stoppages for the that Development had set minimum services similar to the strikes of July and September 2018.

The Irish airline is required to guarantee 35% of the flights for each route with peninsular Spanish cities with transport alternatives with a duration of less than 5 hours; 57% of international flights and for each route with peninsular Spanish cities with no alternative or more than 5 hours, as well as 100% of flights to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.

Ryanair has more than a dozen in Spain, with a total of 1,900 flight attendants. Of these, most are hired through Crewlink and Workforce, companies that make personnel selections for the Irish company.

Thelow costIrish, with an offer that exceeds 400 routes from Spain, faced last summer its first joint strike in six European countries, which resulted in 250 canceled flights and 50,000 passengers affected.
Despite this, it has closed 2018 with almost 140 million travelers, 8% more. However, it has lowered its profit forecasts by 12% for the current fiscal year, which will close on March 31.


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