Trade sells 3.1% less in September and registers the biggest drop since February 2017

Trade sells 3.1% less in September and registers the biggest drop since February 2017


Sales of retail trade fell by 3.1% in September compared to the same month of 2017, with which they were recorded its biggest decline since February of last year, according to the data published today by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Fixed the effects of the calendar (difference of working days), sales fell 1.9%, according to INE data, which show that, nevertheless, employment grew 1% and chained 53 consecutive months upwards.

In the accumulated figure for the first nine months of the year, retail trade turnover increased by 0.4% and occupancy by 0.9%.

Back to September data, month marked by the campaign "back to school", the turnover in service stations rose 0.1%, while in the rest of the trade fell by 3.5% .

By product type, food sales fell by 2.4%, those of personal equipment (clothes and accessories, fundamentally) plummeted 8.3% and those of other goods fell 4%. On the other hand, those for home furnishings rebounded 2.7%.

By modes of distribution, small commerce sold 3.6% less; the small chains, 3.9% less; the big chains, 3% less, and large stores, 4.4% less.

According to INE data, retail sales decreased in all autonomous communities and the largest falls were in Catalonia (5.1%), Canarias (4.3%) and Cantabria (4.1%).

With regard to employment, which fell by 1.1% compared to August, in annual terms it rose 2.5% at gas stations and 0.9% at the rest of the stores.

By commercial formats, procurement increased in small businesses (0.6%) and in large chains (2.6%) and decreased in small chains (0.2%) and large stores (0.2%) ).

By autonomies, it only decreased in Castilla-La Mancha (0.1%) and the largest increases in employment corresponded to the Balearic Islands (2.6%) and Asturias (2.1%).


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