Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Trablisa seeks vigilantes in Madrid to work in El Prat in full strike

Transportes Blindados SA (Trablisa) is looking for personnel in Madrid to work at the Barcelona El Prat airport next week, in the course of the indefinite strike of its workers, which has hardly any impact with minimum services set at 90%.

The concessionaire of the security filters of the Catalan airport intends to bring ten guards from the Spanish capital, as this medium has learned. At least the people they recruit will leave from there.

“The guards will receive a specific training on arrival, not everyone will go to the scanner,” the interested people are indicated and offered – beyond transport, full board accommodation that includes lunch, breakfast and dinner – work 72 hours paid between 10 and 11 euros per hour taking into account the national agreement and the stipulated pluses. It is a minimum of 720 euros and a temporary contract for those days. "It's like any event," they point out in the hiring process.

The exact dates, according to the offer, are from Monday, August 19 to Friday 23. The trips would be next Sunday and the return will be the same Friday or Saturday, August 24.

Trablisa's offer for staff

Trablisa's offer for staff
(The vanguard)

That is one of the “irregularities” that the committee took to the Labor Inspection guard instance on Monday, a complaint that was rejected. They were placed on the ordinary route, a process that can take months according to union sources.

While the company assures that it is a normal practice, the union spokesmen affirm that this shows that “they want to cover their protest and that it has no repercussion”, although the mechanism by which this contracting is carried out may be legal.

Sources of the sector point to this medium that it is a habitual practice to hire vigilantes for specific occasions, events, concerts, congresses, etc. But they affirm that it would not be the case of the Catalan infrastructure, with an indefinite unemployment going on.

Trablisa says he does "to cover the increase in casualties" they suffer, although they have not transcended data on how many workers have asked for it since the work began last Friday. “Medical leave can be substituted and given the increase it is necessary to move people from other delegations. The days and number will vary depending on the needs of the service ”, add sources from the Mallorcan company, which states that in no case is it intended to hire personnel to replace the personnel that are entitled to strike.

When the strike started, the workers denounced that personnel had moved from Mallorca to Barcelona, ​​something that Trablisa framed in a normal practice in view of the needs of the high season, as he has been doing. But the workers said there was no transfer of personnel outside the infrastructure until the week before the stoppages began, when they were already called.

Complaints before the courts and Labor Inspection

Yesterday, the strike committee asked the courts of El Prat as a precautionary measure to record and keep all the recordings of the security cameras of these days to be able to demonstrate the "irregularities" along with complaints that indicate that they are violated their rights and also filed a lawsuit for “squeezing” by the company in the ordinary way of Labor Inspection, an extension of which they filed the first day of strike. The committee reports that it is already working in El Prat staff of other airports.

They also complain about the “pressure” they suffer from the Civil Guard agents, with whom they must cooperate and who has the competence of infrastructure security. That is another of the issues that they intend to report, as well as the lack of personnel in the filters regarding what the tender marks – six per filter in high season -, although it was the airport's security commission – composed by the manager, Aena , and the State Security Forces and Corps – who authorized that there be less staff in order to guarantee the proper functioning and service to passengers, which unlike 2017, have not suffered the consequences of unemployment.

Painted at Trablisa headquarters

Trablisa headquarters in Barcelona

Trablisa headquarters in Barcelona

On the other hand, the headquarters of the Trablisa delegation in Barcelona woke up yesterday with the graffiti "Long live the strike" and "minimum shit services", set at 90% by the Government Delegation. Company sources also explain that silicone was put in the lock and that the vandalism occurred between 8:00 p.m. on Monday and 5:00 a.m. The company denounced him to the Mossos d'Esquadra.

Union sources have denied that they are related to the incident and assure that in no case would they say "live the strike", which is something that cuts the income of the workers.

Contacts between committee and company

The relationship between business and workers has been distancing since the last mediation meeting a week ago. The company foresaw conversations for this week that have not occurred or are, for now, planned. The situation is entrenched, but Trablisa sources claim that there are informal contacts with the representatives of the vigilantes. An end that has been confirmed by the committee.

However, the company and the workers admit that these contacts do nothing but verify the distance and the difficulty to redirect the situation. The workers have no intention of calling off work stoppages and Trablisa maintains that it is an "illegal" strike.

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