July 30, 2021

Toyota returns to fuss in Fuji, but this time in favor of Alonso | sports

Toyota returns to fuss in Fuji, but this time in favor of Alonso | sports

Two months have passed so that Toyota could reflect and take note of the tremendous fiasco that meant the disqualification of his two cars after achieving a double in the Six Hours of Silverstone. But the facts seem to show that the Japanese constructor is going, because it has returned to bundle in Fuji. On that occasion, the cars of Fernando Alonso, Sébastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima, on the one hand, and José María 'Pechito' López, Kamui Kobayashi and Mike Conway, incurred a technical irregularity that the commissaires certified in the post-race checks – the bending of the skate of both cars exceeded the limits allowed in the regulations once the pressure of 2500 Newton stipulated in the checks that must be carried out was applied. This time, in Fuji, Toyota could not do anything for the stewards to take away the pole to its prototype number 7 – it will be the last of its category – driven by López, Kobayashi and Conway for exceeding the maximum speed allowed in the workshop lane. The error was made by Lopez when driving at 68.7 kilometers per hour when the limit is stipulated at 60 km / h, a circumstance granted by the pole to the trio headed by the Spanish, that initially had to form in the second position.

In Japan, Alonso and company will face this Sunday (4.00 hours, Eurosport) the Six Hours of Fuji, a good opportunity to catch some air in front of the points table, in which after the trigger of Great Britain they only have two mattress points on the Rebellion of Thomas Laurent, Mathias Beche and Gustavo Menezes, proclaimed winners at Silverstone after the pickle at Toyota.

Unless there is another hecatomb, it seems unlikely that the Japanese constructor will escape the triumph this time, basically because of the difference in potential between his two cars and the rest. A margin that even made the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to get back into the regulation to try to equalize a little the forces between the official teams (Toyota) and private.

"In the resistance, do the pole or not only serves for the extra point that is awarded to you with a view to the championship. Starting the first or second a six-hour race does not usually change things too much, "agreed Alonso. "The goal is for the two Toyota to finish the first two again, and I think it's possible regardless of the position where we started," said the McLaren runner, who just after this appointment will move to Austin, where the end next week he will take part in the first of his last four grand prix of Formula 1.

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