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Leocadio Martín analyzes the work environment. / C7

A toxic work environment is any job in which the way of working, the environment, the people, or a combination of these issues can "cause emotional or mental health problems in workers."

toxic environments of work are the main cause of sick leave or resignations. We have seen these days how the new owner of Twitter is giving us an example of this situation. His ultimatum to the staff of the
red social is a grotesque example of this.

When we think of an environment with these characteristics, we may be imagining a place that is abusive and in which there is harassment. Obviously, this is a toxic work environment, but there are many other things, as happens in toxic relationships, that we can let go of or simply accept because we think we cannot change it and we continue to get more and more trapped in them.

What can make us see that a work environment is toxic?

First of all, that there are no possibilities to grow professionally and that we also find ourselves with lack of respect associated with gender, race, religion, age, identity,
to sexual orientation or disabilitywhich make it extremely difficult to carry out our work in a healthy way.

The lack of respect that is associated with all this, the fact that workers feel that they are not part of the processes, nor of the changes, nor of the decisions. This has a terribly negative impact on the work environment and can cause many people to consider leaving their job, if they don't fall into a mental health problem first.

A second important aspect to take into account is abusive leadership, that type of control or micro control, which makes it extremely difficult for the person to carry out their work in the company in which they are working. This type of leadership usually involves assessments associated with the characteristics of the person such as issues related to their physique, their way of speaking, and many others that we highlight.
in the first point.

Another important indicator of an abusive environment is an external one is that we see that there are more and more people on sick leave, or who leave and leave the job, even to companies, which apparently may be smaller or in which they receive salaries minors.

A fourth factor to take into account is tiredness or fatigue -or that we frequently fall ill. This is associated with the Burnout phenomenon, caused by high levels of stress that are not associated with the tasks but rather with the managerial or coordination styles of those who try to manage these tasks. A
mentally unhealthy environment in our work environment. It can be very, very toxic both mentally and physically.

Last but not least, it is the vital balance. A work environment in which we practically have nothing else to do during the day than work and to which we dedicate a lot of time, practically without being able to see our family or our friends, read or go to the gym... is a toxic environment and very little suitable for our emotional stability and our mental health.

These and many other more or less specific indicators can give us a clue as to what may be happening in certain companies or public administrations in which we find ourselves with
high levels of absenteeism due to sick leave or resignation due to working conditions.