Tourist tour of La Manada by Pamplona

Tourist tour of La Manada by Pamplona

The Tour of the Pack, is a barbarity no matter how you look. As a joke it is insane. As a denunciation of gender violence, unnecessary. And as a tourist claim, better not to qualify. The truth is that offers a night tour through the streets of Pamplona, ​​following the same itinerary that the five young people did in July 2016, which ended up raping a young woman – although justice described the events and He condemned the five members for continued sexual abuse.

«The Pack» is the name given to the five young men who raped a young woman in the 2016 sanfermines. José Ángel Prenda, Alfonso Cabezuelo (military), Antonio Manuel Guerrero (civil guard), Jesús Escudero and Ángel Boza were sentenced to 9 years in prison for continued sexual abuse with the aggravation of prevalimiento. The controversial sentence avoided qualifying the acts of sexual aggression and has allowed the five convicts to be released. The events that shocked Spanish society, have now been taken advantage of by a group of "professional guides in love with Pamplona", which offers a free tour through the streets of Pamplona under the claim "walk step by step the most famous night of San Fermín "

The web has no waste and has all the signs of being a "practical joke", but the mere fact of raising it has already provoked the outrage of Internet users, who have asked the authorities to close the site immediately. The truth is the web has no waste. Nothing else to accede to her, we found ourselves with an image of the five condemned during the celebrations. Under the image, a question: What happened exactly on the night of July 7, 2016 in Pamplona? They also offer the answer: "Pamplona multiplies its population in San Fermín with people coming from all over, between alcohol and debauchery, five men with trendy hairstyles meet a young woman in the central Plaza del Castillo. Barely 20 minutes later they entered with her in a portal 300 meters away and sexually assaulted her. What happened in those 20 minutes? Where were the aggressors after? How did the police identify them? "To end a claim:" Discover everything on this tour! ".

Then, explain what "experience" is. "The tour is run by professional guides in love with Pamplona, ​​starting from the famous photo of La Manada in front of La Perla Vascongada (c / Zapatería 17), the last Wednesday of each month We will visit the key points of the famous night to the place of identification in front of the Plaza de Toros. After that, the shirts worn by the members of La Manada in a nearby store may be purchased. "

It also offers the possibility of booking one of the 20 places they offer and whose first date is Wednesday, December 26, although it specifies that there will be four more tours, one at the end of each month, until April 2019. Finally, he emphasizes the gratuity of the service and indicates that "There will be sale stickers in imitation of the El Prenda tattoo", an offer that accompanies a photo of the condemned man with his chest uncovered.

To justify all the above, concludes that "with this tour we intend to publicize the facts of the case of La Manada to denounce the mistreatment of women, in addition to attracting tourists to Pamplona, ​​a city well known for its famous festivals but which has other great secret charms the rest of the year. "


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