November 26, 2020

Tourism sector will not admit discrimination in ERTE

The tourism businessmen of the Valencian Community will not admit “any discrimination” in relation to the ERTE in the sector “due to territory or vote in Congress,” according to a statement from the employers’ association Hosbec.

The tourism business of the Valencian Community has spoken like this after “learning” that “the CEOE has negotiated an agreement for the expansion of the ERTE, very damaging to the sector and that the Canary Islands have negotiated a special treatment with a vote as a currency” to prolong the alarm state, states the press release.

“The current situation that the tourism sector is experiencing admits neither discrimination nor different treatment by territory,” he points out.

And he adds: “Neither can the same regime be applied to other industries, nor are there hotel entrepreneurs who are suffering different consequences due to the community they are in.”

The businessmen have lamented “the low level” that, in their opinion, manifests “the political class in this crisis.”

“What was the Compromís representative in Congress doing who was not defending, like the Canarian deputy, the interests of Valencians? Or is it that he wants the historical discrimination we suffer to drag us into this crisis as well?” Hosbec wonders.

“Tourism entrepreneurs have stated that” the agreement that has been signed at the sectoral level with the unions for the hospitality sector must be respected in its entirety by both the Government and the CEOE, because the situation of tourism is not the same than the manufacturing industry. “


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