Tourism recovers in Catalonia one year after 1-O, but only for foreigners | Economy

Tourism recovers in Catalonia one year after 1-O, but only for foreigners | Economy

Spanish hotels registered 18.2 million overnight stays in November, 4% more than the same month last year. In a month that counted on the bridge of All Saints and, in Madrid, with the one of the Almudena, the growth is sustained, to a large extent, by the exits of the Spaniards, who increased their overnight stays by 6.1%, by 2.7% of foreigners. However, in Catalonia it was the opposite. A year after the illegal referendum of the 1-O and the unilateral declaration of independence of the 27-O, the region recovered the lost ground by the sovereignty effervescence, but only thanks to the foreigners, who increased their overnight stays by 21%, while those of Spaniards remained stagnant.

According to Hotel Situation Survey published today by the INE, Catalan hotels recorded almost 2.5 million overnight stays in November. The figure is 14.3% higher than that of November 2017, in the midst of the sovereignist vortex after the illegal referendum and the DUI. The instability then cost the region a decline in the arrival of tourists (-3%) and overnight stays (-6.6%) compared to the same month of 2016. Last November, however, Catalonia recovered the lost ground one year. In the absence of knowing the number of foreign tourists, overnight stays grew by 14.3% in total, from 2.2 million in November last year to 2.5 million last month.

Growth is supported almost exclusively by foreigners, who made 1.75 million nights in Catalan hotels, 21.2% more than in November 2017. Even the figure is much higher than that recorded in November 2016 (1 , 56 million). However, the overnight stays of residents in Spain hardly vary from those registered last year. They have gone from 734,000 to 739,000, 0.67% more. Last year, the decrease was 4.6% compared to 2016.

The case of Barcelona, ​​the epicenter of independence instability and the destination of eight out of ten overnight stays, is paradigmatic. The province has recovered 250,000 nights compared to last year (a growth of 14.9%), up to 1.97 million overnight stays. However, those of residents in Spain fell again this November (422,000 this year compared to 454,000 twelve months ago). In contrast, non-residents made 1.54 million nights, 22.8% more. In the other three provinces, the overnight stays of Spaniards registered slight increases.

If we descend to the municipal level, the city of Barcelona registered a total of 1.52 million overnight stays, 20% more in total. Again, only thanks to foreigners, who drank 26.3% more nights in hotels in the city, while those of residents in Spain fell by 6.2%.


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