Tour: IZAL starts its 'Autotherapy' outside the festivals with 14 concerts | Culture

Tour: IZAL starts its 'Autotherapy' outside the festivals with 14 concerts | Culture

IZAL has presented this Tuesday its Autotherapy Tour in Madrid with 14 confirmed dates for 2019 and new surprises yet to be announced. He has done it with a new image, that of the band dressed in astronaut suits. The reason: the premiere of his next videoclip, a creation of AfterliVe Films in collaboration with Manuel Rubio and his team for the song The incredible story of the man who wanted to fly and did not know how.

After touring a score of Spanish festivals this summer, IZAL has announced this musical experience with the hook that is a new show with different set-up and repertoire. These concerts will last more than two hours and will be held inside and outside the peninsula. This new trip of IZAL will begin next February 23 in A Coruña and the tickets to be able to see them in this musical journey will go on sale on Thursday, October 25 in his web page.

Mikel IZAL is the singing voice of a band that gets back on the road eight years later: "It's a luxury for a group that was born from below like us." Grateful for the media and public interest, he explained that the launch of his latest work in March 2018 prevented them from doing a tour like this and decided to "make festivals and enjoy them". The artist described this walk as a warm-up for a large part of the festival circuit, but he recognized that in these events "the staging, the assembly is limited".

With four discs and hundreds of concerts behind them they recognize that even they get tired of themselves and that to focus this new stage they have taken advantage of the creativity of their next clip: "It gives us life and marks the thread of the new show, that will be done more calmly and that will serve to present Autotherapy as we want. "In fact, Mikel and company are in full storm of ideas to build a unique spectacle around the public:" We are in that process, with a clear course and an imaginary that they have given us. "

In spite of this change of scenery, from the festivals to the big halls, they do not rule out any special performance in a festival if the context deserves it: "It will be a minimal presence, something small, something that we feel like." They admit that they have always done well in this kind of events but that they have not been selling tickets for almost two years. When asked if the audience will respond equally well, they are very excited: "It's exciting, it's part of the adventure and the best thing is that thanks to the festivals we did not start a cold tour".

In relation to the repertoire that can be enjoyed on the tour, IZAL ensures that most of the songs of Autotherapy will be present, but he is cautious: "With the passage of time the selection is complicated but being able to choose is positive". They recognize that in these concerts they try to "paint a picture with a certain sense", not like in festivals, in which there is less emotion and there is "less time to pause".

In the absence of more dates to be confirmed, the IZAL tour will pass in 2019 A Coruña (23 of February), Dublin (7 of March), London (March 9), Zurich (March 16), Pamplona (March 30th), Madrid (5th of April), Barcelona (April 12th), Valencia (April 13th), Pomegranate (April 27), Murcia (May 2), Seville (June, 15), Logroño (June 22nd), Valladolid (June 29) and Gijón (July 27th). On this route, they will first step on a Swiss stage, visit the WiZink Center for the third time and try to repeat the sold out achieved in 2017.

For the members of IZAL, playing at home is special, which is why they highlight the emotion that concerts like those of Valencia or Pamplona bring to the air and the dream of playing at an Argentine festival or at the Roman Theater of Mérida itself. They would love to exhaust the tickets but they recognize that they never expect anything: "We have been freaking out with what happens to us since 2012. If you think about it a lot, you are not happy, there is a lot of responsibility in this tour, but the most risky steps we gave them at the beginning of our career "


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