September 21, 2020

Tour director tests positive for Covid-19 unlike cyclists – La Provincia

Sleepless night in the tour but in principle with a happy ending among the participating cyclists since none of them have tested positive for covid-19 in PCR tests which were held on Monday, during the rest day. This was just communicated by the leadership of the French round, which, however, has not yet specified whether any member of the management or assistants of the participating teams has shown signs of being infected with the virus.

However, as France-Presse has just communicated, Christian Prudhomme, race director, tested positive. As commented by the head of the test, he will rest until the weekend when he will undergo a new PCR, if he passes it he will return to the test and if not he will stay permanently in Paris. Interestingly, on Saturday the Prime Minister of France, Jean Castex, shared a car with the race director on Saturday, in the first Pyrenean stage.

The new anti-covid regulation specifies that a team will lose its place in the French round if it presents two positives, be they runners or auxiliary corps, hence the restlessness that still reigns in the Tour caravan when the tenth stage between the islands of Oléron and Ré, which must be marked by the wind, has not started.

It has also been made public that there is four infected auxiliaries, but being from different teams, it does not affect the development of the Tour.


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