October 30, 2020

Touch-based visibility – The Province

"I didn't expect the video to have such an impact and that, whether you like it or not, raises your spirits," says Paula Medina, surprised. Last week, the young player from Málaga, who will play next season in the Granadilla B Sports Union, which plays for the women's first B, became a viral phenomenon after being caught hitting a ball while on the beach in Las Quarries

It was through a video recorded by a passerby who was impressed by the quality of Paula with the ball at his feet, which is why he decided to film the moment. All that focus of attention caught her off guard. Several days later, the video has more than 300 retweets and 1,000 I like it.

The phenomenon was such that the 17-year-old footballer has already received requests to make more videos with touches, but with different balls. "They ask me to do them with a rugby one, although I see it complicated, and I am trying with the tennis one," he says smiling, while hurrying his vacation before catching the ferry to Tenerife to start the course.

Like almost every girl who has the illusion of being able to devote herself to football, Paula began to kick with only five years. He did it on the CD Firgas, representative team of his hometown. "I just played to enjoy," says the young woman.

Subsequently, in children's age he went to the Guide, from where he made the jump to the Union See, team in which he has been doing mischief during the last three years. The change of running between boys to do it only with girls was complicated, since he could not play as he had during his beginnings. "If I was used to playing with 14-year-old girls, I went on to compete against 30-year-olds, who had more experience," he explains.

However, measuring herself with more veteran players did not stop her. Paula went on her way and now she will have the opportunity to show who she is in the second national category. With the ball at your feet and meters ahead, it is best to bring out all your play, even if you normally act as an inside.

Women's football boom

"I prefer to play midfielder. I always say that mine is not about scoring goals, but giving passes," says the young woman. Her skill with the ball and her performances led her to meet her goals with only 17 years. He played with the Canary national team and also with the Spanish.

The latter's call caught her by surprise: "I was asleep in the armchair and suddenly my mother woke me up and told me the news. I was very surprised by what it means. It is an honor to have been able to wear the shirt of the Spanish team , although it was for the sub 16 ", he says.

With the Viera lived an atypical and complicated situation resolved in the offices by the Federation. The decision of the organism left the vieristas with honey on the lips. In short, his victory in an exciting tie against Atlético Unión Güímar was useless. "It was a disappointment because we had climbed to Primera B in a spectacular season."

Despite the disappointment, the last campaign served to learn and check the good health of women's football in the Canary Islands, since at the end of the competition, three teams were tied to points: Femarguín, Unión Viera and Juan Grande.

Good health that also moves nationally, since this year has enjoyed the visibility that many demanded. Especially these young girls who dream of playing football. "It has been seen that in women's football there is also quality and people who know how to play, who likes football. We do the same as boys and the fact that the World Cup has been seen on TV has been a very big step" , points out the Grancanaria soccer player.


Of course, it still demands more confidence, "that brands bet on girls, since they are professional soccer players and have to be at the same level as boys." "We don't have to be treated inferiorly in that way," he adds.

Soon, Paula will leave for the picuda island, where he will play for Granadilla B. He considers that it is a new experience that I could not refuse, since "it is a pretty good offer because I have the possibility to play in the new league, First B, and it is a team that is worth it because It is a team that has a lot of name, which has the 'A' in the top category. This opens the doors for you to debut in the Iberdrola League, "said the young player.

With the desire to continue his dream he trains daily. Among its next objectives are to be able to continue in the calls of the Spanish team and to debut in Primera with its new club, the Granadilla. Quality and ambition are not lacking, although he knows that both women's football and her, they have to take those small steps so that this fantasy can become a reality.

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