Tottenham-City. Guardiola loses the first game

Tottenham-City. Guardiola loses the first game

Son's control was so erratic that it seemed that the play was not going anywhere. But the Korean insisted, got the ball did not go out, turned with surprising ease, no one barely bothered him, and finished crossed to put Tottenham ahead. Because of how everything happened, it was intuited that something strange had happened, but no. They are ripped into legal position, although fair; the ball did not leave the bottom line and the VAR confirmed that the action was legal. So it was the goal that puts Pochettino ahead against Manchester City of Guardiola, who is back on the ropes in the competition that has been complicated in recent years. With Bayern the semifinals were his limit and with City he fell one year in the second round and another in the quarterfinals. But this time around. A lot to play.

Aguero may have changed the fate of the encounter. As soon as he started he had a penalty by Rose's hand that Kuipers pointed out after reviewing it on the monitors. Kun tossed aside, limp, and Lloris guessed the intention. The truth is that Manchester did not do much more, with the canary Silva, possibly his most talented player, something off. Neither the Tottenham tightened. It seemed that the draw served both of them. Kane had the clearest shot, but Ederson stopped him. Afterwards, the striker injured his ankle. He misplaces his presence in the return.

In the second part he pushed the City a bit. And just when more went for the goal, and with Gabriel Jesus in the field, he received it against.


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