Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Toth pronounces on Barberá and the theft of the motorbike

Toth se pronuncia sobre Barberá y el robo de la moto

"This press release will hardly be printed in all media," and that is long. Very much. Imre Toth, owner of the team Toth and of Hector Barberá's motorcycle stolen in Aragón last weekend, he has relieved himself with an extensive press release.

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We place the story and start it where we have to start it, by the principle: "Our contract was zero euros, which was one of the last opportunities for both. Both my team and he wanted to get back to a better level after a couple of years of setbacks. " If we travel to the current events, Toth explains: "Before Barbera I came to the Aragón weekend with this engine, I was sure he did not want to be at the start because he was bad, slow and dangerous ", and adds:" I'm sure there was something behind. What could it be? It's interesting, he has climbed into the seat of another pilot ... Have you been planning with your manager? Did you have a better offer? "

"I do not owe him a cent," he says. Toth. "The mechanics? I made sure to have two technicians with whom I have been working for many years. The other two engineers brought them Barbera because he only wanted Spanish engineers, "he explains. "For my part, my only obligation was to buy airline tickets, hotels and meals for them as well. I have no contract with them. Nor any debt. I bought the whole bike from Yamaha Austria Racing (YART). I paid for many pieces. Debts with Yamaha? They did not give me a cap or a can of oil so I had to buy everything, "he confesses. Imre Toth.

My motorbike was taken from our box by the two technicians of Barberá at the request of Barberá "

"My motorcycle was taken out of our box by the two technicians of Barbera By request of Barbera" And take the opportunity to dedicate one of the toughest accusations: "A couple of years ago, he hit his girlfriend, got drunk and still does not have a driving license for driving drunk […] On Sunday, after the police paid him a visit, Barbera He called me around 4:00 pm at his house asking me to go alone and without a cell phone to tell me that the bike was in a safe place and that we negotiate. What? How was my motorcycle stolen? Or was it just that he wanted to break the contract because he had another offer so he went so far? Or, I'm sorry, had I drunk again? "

Barberá called me asking me to go alone and without a cell phone to tell me that the bike was in a safe place and that we negotiate "

With respect to the investigation, Toth he complains that "it is a joke that a modern circuit only has two PCs to see all the boxes, trucks, caravans that they have bought from dubious origin. Why do we have security in the paddock? Who knows? They will pay more attention in the future. "

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