January 27, 2021

Totalán, Julen's father does not lose hope

Totalán, Julen's father does not lose hope

On the verge of being fulfilled 72 hours since the small Julen fell to a well in Totalán, Málaga, his father, José Roselló, speaks the press for thank the work of the more than 100 personnel who are working in the rescue work of less than two and a half years. "I want to thank everyone, if I have previously complained about something, it is not because of the work of the rescue teams but because of the lack of resources. Now I see a little light because I see that the rescue work progresses, "said the father of the boy who has just appeared at the foot of the hill in Malaga where Julen is trapped and accompanied by Juan José Cortés, Mari's father. Luz, the five-year-old girl who was murdered in 2008. "My wife is broken, we are both dead in life, time is eternal, but I know we have the help of an angel (in relation to his other son, Oliver, who died of sudden death at three years in 2017) that will save him, "said the father.

He also took advantage of highlight the support and help they are receiving from psychologists in such a tragic situation. "We are not going to decay, I am driven to continue here and to know that I am going to see my son alive, this is my strength". In relation to the remains of hair of the child found in the hole and confirming that the child is trapped more than 100 meters underground, he assured that "it has not been a surprise for me, I've always known that I was stuck in the background" "No parent can imagine what I'm going through." The child fell into the well on Sunday at two in the afternoon while the family organized a paella in the mountain of Totalán, where his cousin has a farm. In a moment, Julen ran and fell to the bottom. Nobody could grab him. Now, firefighters and expert miners are working on the construction of two wells, one vertical and one horizontal, to access the place where the little one is trapped. It is expected that this terrible anguish will end in a maximum of 48 hours.


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