Total war breaks out against Sánchez




If he wanted to intensify the war between the Government and energy companies, the Chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, he has succeeded. Nothing of looking for a restrained interlocutor with whom to calm down and maintain good harmony between one and the other. Quite the opposite. More wood! And from one day to the next, in full battle of the sector against the decree from the vice president of the matter, Teresa Ribera, who sought to contain energy prices in the electricity bill with an ax to the companies, cutting the so-called “benefits fallen from the sky”, with the obligation to return 2,600 million remunerations considered extraordinary obtained by selling cheap energy at the price of the most expensive.

And in an environment already enough

rarefied and tense due to the discharge caused in August by Iberdrola’s draining of reservoirs, an action that the coalition Executive called scandalous due to suspicions of wanting to take advantage of the high price of energy … Could it get even worse if does give and take fit between them? You are right. Yes I could. With the
signing of economist Antonio Miguel Carmona
, unveiled last Saturday night, Galán delivered a full-blown right to the chin of President Sánchez. Creating, to make matters worse, a non-existent position, tailored to the socialist gathering, in the Spanish electricity company. Vice-chairman on the board of the Spanish subsidiary of Iberdrola, whose chairman is Francisco Martínez Córcoles and the CEO Ángeles Santamaría. For some, a position in a company emptied of content. Well. But with a lot of veiled message understandable only for the protagonists.

Only good words came out of the economist’s environment when those close to him in the party were informed of the good news. While Sánchez and his family did not believe the news. Revolving doors? Of course, what a shame and scandal about Carmona! Logical, in a game in which something that doesn’t exist has been condemned ad nauseam? … HA! The fact is that the door turns and turns in the case of Carmona for some, and for others – remember, for example,
Marc Murtra at Indra
or Juan Manuel Serrano at Post Office-, It has nothing to do with it. The double socialist morality of this Government. With me or against me. But if they withdraw Carmona’s party card as many sanchistas – those of now, tomorrow will be others – have requested, they will have to withdraw it from more than one. And ten. Take note just in case … The two PSOE in all their splendor.

And it is that Carmona, for years conveniently separated from all protagonism in the party and in the Government, he has never been a saint of Sánchez’s devotion, who made him cross and line for his loyalty and support to the Andalusian Susana Díaz – right eye of Galán’s “brother”, Manuel Marín, the sadly deceased former president of the Congress in December 2017 – in the race for party leadership. The Madrid economist had previously rejected other offers from Ibex firms on your advice, and could not miss the last train. Today’s game is not yesterday’s game. Thus, neither short nor lazy, Galán saw the light. No understanding? Calambrazo to the song. New position given the need to have an expert economist, with institutional relations skills, with investors and, moreover, with the media, among which he moves like a fish in water. Precisely a position that was vacant and without content since the popular Fernando Bécker left the company two years ago.

Definitely, open and total war between Galán and Sánchez, and Carmona as a door. Or is it just another battle? The great battles are an open-air theater with tens of thousands of actors. Character counts in each fight and will determine the winner in the final battle. The die is cast.

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