Total Sinister reaffirms its goodbye to the stages, but not to the albums

Although "it's not exactly a separation" because they leave the door "of records" open, Total Sinister has staged this Wednesday the preamble of his farewell to the stage with a last concert that will take place on May 6 at the Wizink Center in Madrid .

Julián Hernández (Total Loss): "The phases are designed so that there is no phase 5 and thus avoid the rhyme"

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"The life of a group is not just the stage, although now it is the only way to finance the music, but in this two-year break, inertia is lost. We had reserved this date to celebrate the 40th anniversary and seeing that the forces are So, getting back on the road was complicated. We prefer to leave it here, at a respectable figure", explained the group about their decision.

Grateful for "putting up with these excited old men", they have appeared before the press in the same space that will host their farewell live Julián Hernández, Javier Soto and whoever was their most emblematic vocalist, Miguel Costas, who left the group in 1994 after having gestated already the bulk of the most significant production.

"With Miguel, things sound different," Hernández acknowledged before his return for this final milestone in his long history after a phone call that was originally to celebrate the four decades in the music of the Galician band.

In this regard, Costas recalled that the reunion "was satisfactory for both parties" and that, when Total Sinister decided to convert the anniversary into a farewell, his participation was maintained, as well as the idea of ​​"calling everyone" who had been in the group.

"Forty years gives a very powerful feeling of vertigo", insisted Hernández, who joked about the repertoire of their final concert with which they manage "a range of 50 songs for all sensitivities", among which there will surely be "Who What are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? "Way of the bed", passing through "Assumpta" and "I will dance on your grave".

Asked by other bands and artists who sealed a goodbye that after time turned out to be just a "see you later", Total Sinister has limited himself to pointing out: "We can lie, but you will have to believe us. This is the last concert".

"It is not exactly a separation; there is that maxim that you have to know how to retire on time. That is not possible to do. We will continue doing things," Hernández specified, before saying that, for example, they leave "the door of the records open " and announce that soon the Trama publishing house will publish an annotated songbook with all the versions of Siniestro Total.

The Enemies ask them not to let him

During the press conference, the members present received by surprise a commemorative plaque for their 40 years of career from their colleagues and friends of Los Enemigos.

"For us it is disastrous news to know that you are separating and that is why we ask that you not," Josele Santiago told them. "They supported us a lot when we started and we thank them very much", Fino Oyonarte recalled on his part.

This "rock group that was born to put an end to rock", and which has entitled this farewell as "40 years without setting foot in the National High Court", has not stopped speaking out on issues such as the situation of freedom of expression in Spain as a result of the complaints in recent years against some artists for their demonstrations.

"Seeing César Strawberry in the National Court coinciding with Luis Bárcenas is a meaningless thing", they have opined.

It is also impossible not to ask them about current politics, especially about the possibility that a Galician like Alberto Feijóo, president of the Xunta, could preside over the PP in substitution of Pablo Casado.

"I only know that thanks to the media we are witnessing a reality show of many octane", they have said about it, before denouncing the situation in Madrid, with "thousands of deaths in residences during the pandemic, black marketeers and espionage before which, if the TIA existed, it would laugh at them for bungling".

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