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Total offensive against Bale | sports

Bale, during a Real Madrid training last Tuesday in Montreal (Canada). In video, Zidane's statements about the player.

In the card game in which they have converted the Real Madrid Y Gareth Bale their separation, the last movement of one of the parties – "if he leaves tomorrow, better, "Zinedine Zidane said last morning. after leaving him out of the match against Bayern Munich in Houston-, he exposed not only an unbridled increase in pressure on his contender, but an evidence of unprecedented lack of love.

As they say in the white club, it was Jonathan Barnett, the representative of Bale, who asked that he not be counted on for the game "because he was finalizing a negotiation with a team of the Chinese Super League."

"If Gareth leaves, it's because he wants to, not because Zidane or Real Madrid push him," he countered in statements to the newspaper. Ace Barnett himself, turning around what was, perhaps, Zidane's biggest strategic bet in his last appearance: publicizing that the player, now, accepts an exit. "He is still one of the best players in the world, one of the five with the best sign, and his future will continue to be in a great club," replied Barnett, an undaunted negotiator.

Bale signed the extension of the contract that currently joins the Madrid until June 2022 three years ago, in October 2016. He was the fourth player in a sequence that opened Kroos, and followed by Modric and Lucas Vázquez. His arrival to the team had been closed three years before, in 2013, and that first contract included an extension of six seasons, with a salary of 10 million euros per course. 22 days ago it would have expired. Their current emoluments are close to 20 million.

But the confidence in his ability to become the team leader during and after the Cristianato, they took to the club to reject an offer of 100 million euros of the Manchester United in 2017. That was the last time that a club proposed a transfer of three figures. Today, there are no offers for the player, beyond a veiled interest in Tottenham, which offers a quantity that Madrid does not even contemplate: 50 million. The problem of his departure to the Chinese Super League, the only competition that can take care of the current record of the player, is that he does not contemplate paying any transfer by the player, an insurmountable circumstance for Madrid. "Until that agreement is closed, something that can occur shortly or not, Bale will remain here in the normal discipline", expand from the club.

"Nothing personal"

"It is not personal. There comes a time when things are done because they must be done. I have nothing against him. We have to make decisions and change, nothing more. You know the situation and it will change. I do not know if in 24 or 48 hours. The situation will change and it is good for everyone. Things are like that. I talk to the club, we have to make decisions, and it's the coach's and the player's decision, "he said. Zizou, placing all the offensive arguments on the table.

In the heat of the current dialectical battle, as if anesthetized by time, that Zidane sentence of 2016 was already in which he swore eternal love to the three components of the BBC (Benzema, Bale and Cristiano): "If they are all available I will always put all three because they are the best". The last time Bale was not available (due to injury) was on March 10th. Since then he only played 473 minutes in eight games, 18% of the total. Neither participated in any of the last three games of the season.

At just 30 years old (he blew the candles last Tuesday), Bale, who has celebrated his wedding in Mallorca during the summer holidays, lives happily in Madrid with his wife and three children. That stability has weighed over sporting setbacks, and has been an unavoidably forceful factor when considering any possibility of leaving Madrid. Little given to the nightlife, he did not even attend a dinner organized in January by Sergio Ramos. His life outside the practice of football does not allow time for this type of proposal.

Only family and golf, which he practices daily in his particular field – he has one set up at home – are sufficient stimulus to satisfy Bale's mood. There are no testimonies that register your expertise in card games. It would be good for him now that his future is on the table.

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