Torres: "The Flower Pact has managed to minimize differences and will exhaust the legislature"

Ángel Víctor Torres, President of the Government of the Canary Islands, in an interview granted to CANARIAS7. / cover audiovisual services

The Canarian president advocates launching direct aid, instead of making a general reduction in taxes

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The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has assessed today that the four political groups that make up the so-called 'Flower Pact' have known how to "minimize" the "differences" that have arisen in these "difficult years", and has guaranteed that
the government will exhaust the legislature.

In two interviews in
cope and the
Being ChainTorres has emphasized the importance of the regional government having approved
three budgets and prepare to present the fourth.

Even more so if one takes into account that this community "is used to having two or three years
economical crisispartner changes, government breakup, and even sometime motions of censure«.

«It has been good that in these difficult years four political parties have been able to, -despite- all the differences that have arisen, minimize them for the
common good of the community“, he asserted.

Ángel Víctor Torres has insisted that the current Government will leave a better Canary Islands than the one found in 2019, both in social rights and in education, health or employment, and has proclaimed that the laws of
citizen income and climate change They will be "two of the great legacies" that the 'Pacto de las flores' will leave.

He has recognized that "everything can be improved, without a doubt", but has insisted on looking back and remembering that in May 2019 the Canary Islands were "in the last places" in the PISA education report, they had been occupying "the red lantern" since 2008 » in Dependency and era of the communities with
higher unemployment rates and social inequality.

Now, the Canarian president has continued, this community "leads the generation of employment" and registrations in Social Security, and has just formalized 1,500 new affiliations to the Dependency system in a single month.

During his visit to both stations, the president of the Canary Islands has also referred to the insistent request of the opposition groups for a reduction in taxes.

In this regard, Ángel Víctor Torres has disfigured these formations that when they are in the opposition and make this approach "they get the approval of the citizens", because "if we eliminate taxes everyone would go out in demonstration to celebrate the party".

"But you have to be consistent, responsible," he added, referring to those who
"In the opposition they say that they lower taxes and when they govern they raise them".

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In any case, Torres has shown a tendency to "touch certain taxes", but not to a general lowering of them, because this does not ensure that "the product does not drop in price", because the tax is "a lower percentage » and that measure «is not going to generate economy».

“There are those who say that the electricity tax must be lowered, and we cannot, because many people do not know that all families that consume less than 10 megawatts are at 0% IGIC. Those who consume the most are companies, which pay 3% compared to what they have paid in the rest of Spain, up to 21% », he stressed.

More than "touching" taxes, Torres considers a priority
launch direct help linessuch as the 1,144 million euros for the productive fabric, the IBI, the farmers, La Palma or the municipalities.

He has also referred to the opposition's criticism of the
discount of 50% of the buses and the tram.

Torres has insisted that there is no comparative offense with the Peninsula and that he would like to sit down and debate "with someone who defends the opposite, because he will not have data."

He has indicated that if the buses, the high-speed train or the metro on the Peninsula had a 100% bonus there would be "an unacceptable comparative grievance", but that is not the case, and he added that the Canary Islands by population
would correspond about 10 million and calculates that he could end up receiving twice as much.

He has lamented "the campaign" launched by the opposition groups, in which "what prevails is insult, defamation, slander", but above all that those who are speaking out for it are certain people who "do not are in Parliament', which prevents them from being able to 'debate with me'.

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