September 21, 2020

Torres (PSOE) asks CC to support Sánchez so that the Canary Islands receive the pending state funds

In his turn to reply to Fernando Clavijo, president of the Nationalist Group, Ángel Víctor Torres undertook to negotiate with the Government so that all the resources that correspond to the Canary Islands are transferred: "I will make an effort so that this is the case". He also wanted to make it clear that he will not negotiate the sentence of the Road Agreement, because the sentences "are not negotiated, they are executed".

Torres emphasized that there are two ways of doing politics: confrontation and negotiation, and announced that one of his first actions, once he is president, will be to negotiate with the State so as not to have to go to court and thus achieve "all" the pending resources to the Canary Islands. He also promised to demand from his councilors the "maximum" budget execution so as not to have to return "not a single euro" to the central government.

The candidate to preside over the Canary Islands came to affirm that Fernando Clavijo's intervention seemed more a nationality debate than proposals for the future, and called on him to "walk together" to build the Canaries with those who have been governing the last 26 years.

He pointed out that the Clavijo Government has had an "absolutely extraordinary" economic incentive in these four years as a result of the separation of the REF from the financing system; However, he wondered if the Canaries are happy with health, education or dependency despite having had the "most important" resources in the history of the Canary Islands autonomy.

He also asked Clavijo to do self-criticism because he has spoken of dependency and housing, when politics in this matter in the Canary Islands is a "failure", and regretted that he criticizes his proposal of fiscal policy, especially because when the decision was made to lower point the IGIC, "forced" by the PP, the own Clavijo got to affirm that with this 100 million were retired to the year for the essential public services.

He also wanted to make clear that the PSOE did not approve the Land Law when it was part of the Government, because, he recalled, it was approved in the Parliament of the Canary Islands with the vote against the Socialist Group. Ángel Víctor Torres said that this law has aspects that must be reviewed and considered a "major error" when Clavijo says that this rule has generated economy in the Canary Islands. "What economy and how many jobs have you generated?" He asked.

The socialist candidate also responded to Clavijo in terms of education from 0 to 3 years and reminded him that it works in the Canary Islands thanks to the mayors, even if it is not his competence, and "without the sensitivity" of the Canary Islands Government. In addition, he considered an error that the still acting president "is shielded in the responsibility of others not to make their decisions". Faced with this, he promised not to say that he will not contribute resources to any matter, even if it is a competence of the Government of Spain.

Regarding the Fdcan, he assured that he will respect the criteria of the Canary Islands Development Fund but will allow investments that are currently forbidden, but not "give more money to the friendly municipalities" nor withdraw approved items to those who do not supports the Government's thesis.

Finally, Ángel Víctor Torres said that politics has two "big" spheres: management and oversight. That is why he asked the Canarian Nationalist Group for the same loyalty that they will have of the new Government and to help him so that within four years they can deliver to society a "better" Canary Islands.

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