Torres: "It saddens me that parties use immigration as a political weapon"

Ángel Víctor Torres, president of the Canary Islands. / c7

Torres has emphasized that "the migratory phenomenon will continue to exist" and before it "we must respond from the point of view of the emergency"

EFE Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The President of the Canary Islands
Angel Victor Torresstated this Monday that it "saddens" him to see that parties that "were responsible at the time" in different administrative areas now want to use the
migratory phenomenon What
"political weapon".

In statements to the media, Torres has come out against the CC and PP's criticism of the Government's handling of migration matters, the "silence" of Pedro Sánchez, on vacation in Lanzarote, where the
majority of boats in the last hours to the Canary coasts, and his "submissive loyalty" towards him.

The head of the Canarian executive has insisted on what he said "on the first day in Parliament" when he was sworn in: "this must be left out of the partisan struggle, this is a humanitarian drama", which is why it "saddens" him to read certain statements .

That said, it has meant that immigration is a "recurring phenomenon" that the Canary Islands have been experiencing "for decades", and that "at a certain moment, it was not the responsibility of the Government of Pedro Sánchez,
all -reception- resources were eliminated in the Canary Islands«.

He has abounded that when he agreed to the regional government in 2019
“we had no resources” and it was necessary to resort to educational spaces, "then we threw away hotels" and finally resources were enabled to "attend to the emergency."

For this reason, he has opined that "who has to answer" on this issue "are the previous governments."

Beyond the political confrontation, Ángel Víctor Torres has noticed that in recent weeks there have been weather conditions that help migrants to go to sea despite the fact that
the canary continues to be "the most dangerous of all routes"as evidenced by the latest deaths and people who have arrived on the islands “in serious condition”.

However, he has referred to the Civil Guard data for the past months of June and July, according to which it can be concluded that «
it has been possible to contain more people who were going to leave their countries of origin than those who have arrived in the Canary Islands«.

Torres has emphasized that "the migratory phenomenon is going to continue to exist" and given the same
“we must respond from the point of view of the emergency” and treat migrants "as what they are, as people."

And at the same time, "that the Government, the country as a whole and the EU clearly understand that all immigration cannot remain in border territory."

Asked about Pedro Sánchez's visit to La Palma tomorrow, Ángel Víctor Torres has admitted that he has had to make "bobbin lace" to be able to be there before traveling with CD Tenerife to the Vatican, where they will be received by the
Pope Francisco.

Torres has underlined that in La Palma the measures adopted to face
"this tremendous drama" that the island suffered with the volcanic eruption, and the unity of action of the different administrations involved will be valued, which is what, in his opinion, they should do: "be up to the task and eliminate any political separation".

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