Torres is confident in the recovery although it will be "slowed down"

Torres is confident in the recovery although it will be "slowed down"

Juan Francisco García (c) with Ángel Víctor Torres (i) and Román Rodríguez. / Juan Carlos Alonso

The president stated in CANARIAS7 that the growth rate should be reviewed, but it will be above the Spanish average

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The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torresrecognizes that the
Economic recovery on the islands it is being "slowed down" by "unforeseen circumstances" such as high inflation -which yesterday exceeded 10% in Spain- or the consequences of the war in Ukraine, which has contributed to making energy and other costs more expensive.

Even so, he understands that his Executive has carried out a job
"economic rigor" that will allow him "to have a back to be able to respond to difficult moments".

Torres analyzed yesterday the current situation of the autonomous community in the
forum 'Reactivation of the Canarian economy' convened by CANARIAS7which was sponsored by
Binter, JTI and Astican.

good data

In his speech, the head of the regional Executive pointed out that “it is obvious that the recovery has occurred” because it started from the paralysis that occurred in 2020 due to the pandemic. However, in 2022, which was going to be the year of the "comeback", that
recovery is being seen "attenuated, nuanced and affected by unforeseen circumstances”, such as inflation, exacerbated by the chronification of the armed conflict.

In any case, he understands that until this month of June, the data that is being produced "is good", with the number of unemployed below 200,000 people, with the growth of the active population or the increase in the number of affiliates to the Social Security.

Even so, he considers that there is a
"great uncertainty" because the measures that have been adopted have not given the expected immediate results, such as the 'cap' on gas to lower the cost of electricity.

"The Government has done rigorous economic work that allows it to have its back and respond in difficult times"

The president insisted that in order to deal with this scenario, the Government of the Canary Islands
does not consider a generalized reduction in taxes "Because it does not lead to an improvement in the economic situation."

He highlighted some measures that have been taken to help alleviate it, such as
100% refund of fuel taxthe reduction of the IGIC to health material or others to maintain the welfare state, such as the hiring of personnel in Health and Education, "which is not easy to maintain."

He stressed that
the Government of the Canary Islands "is doing its best within its powers, while calling on the Government of Spain to take into account the insularity, to support that we do not have new rates for air and maritime connectivity, in addition to the fact that we always have to defend the REF ».

«The Pact of the Flowers will arrive in 2023 and it is logical to think that it will be reproduced. The things that work, why change them?»

Tourist expectations

Regarding the impact of inflation on the tourism sector of the islands, Ángel Víctor Torres pointed out that the data handled by Promotur for this summer show an increase in air capacity of 10.4%, while
employers have "good expectations" not only for the fall but until the end of the year.

After the invasion of Ukraine, the government "thought there would be an immediate repercussion but it has not been, although
You have to be vigilant and cautious”said.

The president also referred to
migratory phenomenon and its evolution in the Canary Islands after the new stage of
relations with Morocco and considered that “it is necessary to calibrate if it is having an influence on the arrival of migrants.”

appealed to the concept of solidarity at the same time that he questioned why the European legislation is changed to attend to the Ukrainian refugees and not for the African ones. In his opinion,
“it is a moral conflict”.

Regarding the tragedy that occurred at the Melilla fence, in which dozens of people died, he said that
"It cannot be said that it was good management" by the Moroccan Gendarmerie. He pointed out that when a person dies for trying to improve his life "it is a drama" and the images "have done a lot of damage to everyone."

On the other hand, the president is confident that if the
Pact of the Flowers legislature ends «it can be reproduced, because
things that work, why change them?, he asked himself. In his favor, he considers that the public has perceived that in difficult times the Government has been "solid."

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