Torres believes that the Canary Islands have improved with the current government

Torres, during the interview. / Cover Audiovisual Services

This Sunday, interview with the president in CANARIAS7

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The President of the Canary Islands
Angel Victor Torresis confident that the voters, in May of next year, will value the
experienced improvement by the socioeconomic indicators of the archipelago in a legislature full of great challenges.

This is what he points out in an extensive interview granted to
CANARY ISLANDS7 on the occasion of the beginning of the political course.

Here is a preview of the interview, which is published this Sunday:

- Start a political course that will end with the final exam of the elections. You, who was a teacher,Do you have the feeling that you will be evaluated by the voters for what you do in the final stretch of the mandate and not throughout the legislature?

– The fair thing would be for the evaluation to be based on what has been done throughout the legislature, just as a good teacher should evaluate the student for the months he has been in the classroom and not just for what has happened in recent weeks. In this sense, I hope to be evaluated with a good grade, and I say this with humility, despite the fact that I believe that they have given us more topics than those foreseen in the agenda... Let me explain: we had a Canary Islands that faced many known problems, And to these problems were added many others that we were encountering: the volcano, the covid, economic problems derived from the health crisis stopping tourism... and in the face of all these issues I think we have risen to the occasion.

– At the beginning of his mandate, he said that among the objectives was a more socially just Canary Islands and more sustainable economically and environmentally. Do you think any of that has been achieved?

– I honestly think so, but it is not a subjective opinion. I believe that the Canary Islands, at the end of this legislature, should sit down calmly and analyze how the Canary Islands were and how they are now. That is how we had education, where we see the great investment that has been made or with education from 0 to 3 years, which is fundamental, or the improvement in the data of the Pisa Report; how we had social rights, and we just saw the good dependency data; there are the economic data, with three budgets in three years and we will get the fourth, with a policy based on dialogue with everyone, with aid to companies, both from the Canary Islands Government and the 1,144 million that we obtained from the Government of Spain; in environmental matters, we collected an empty set and at the end of the legislature we are not going with a Canarian law, the first on climate change, with contributions of around 500 million euros for sustainable islands, with a multiplication by 4 of the introduction of sustainable economies compared to what was in 2019; Regarding the primary sector, we have managed to keep the Posei files, in a very complicated scenario; and we are going to achieve the stabilization of the temporary staff in accordance with what was approved in the Cortes, which is also to solve a problem inherited from many years . Conclusion: there is no doubt that we have to continue improving, but despite the fact that what we find along the way could have impoverished the Canary Islands, I believe that the numbers will support the actions of the current Government.

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