Torres affirms that the reduction will be on all the regions' debt

Torres affirms that the reduction will be on all the regions' debt

He Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory, Ángel Víctor Torresassured this Friday that the Madrid commitment with the autonomous communities is to proceed to a removes your total debtthat is, not only the one they maintain with the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA) but also with the one they have with third parties.

He pointed out that "in the face of incorrect statements" that only speak of a condonation for Catalonia after the agreement of investiture of Peter Sánchez, "The Treasury will sit down with all the communities"while pointing out the "importance of there being a reduction, because that will result in the different regional governments being able to provide the services they provide."

Torres made these statements after participating in his first public event in the Canary Islands since he was appointed member of the Minister councilthe delivery of distinctions awarded by the Government Delegation to people and entities for their work against sexist violence. Later she visited the Tenoya well (Arucas)one of the few graves from Franco's repression exhumed in the Canary Islands.

Condonation to the Canary Islands

From the Government of the Canary Islandsas he President, Fernando Clavijoas the Minister of the Treasury, Matilde Asiánhave stated that it would be a unfair situation for the autonomous community that the same percentage of condonation would be applied in Catalonia and the archipelago, since it will mean 200 million for the islands compared to 15,000 for the Generalitat.

The total debt of the Canary Islands is located around the 6.4 billion while at FLA owes just over 1.2 billion. Regarding this last figure, the regional Executive has made its calculation of a 20% reduction. However, the minister said that it would be on the total debt, which for the Canary Islands would mean some 1.2 billion.

On the other hand, the Minister of Territorial Policy highlighted the will of the Government of Spaina - as the president, Pedro Sánchez, and the Head of the Treasury, María Jesús Monteroto address the renewal of the autonomous financing system.

Although he stressed that this matter depends on the Congress and the political groups, Ángel Víctor Torres stressed that "in the coming years" the foundations will have to be laid for this update of the financing system, for which it is “maximum consensus is essential”he added.

In this regard, he said that "we will see" how the rest of the political groups manifest themselves and recalled that of the 11 that have a presence in the Spanish Parliament, eight support the Government.


Likewise, in this first public appearance held in the Canary Islands since his appointment as head of Territorial Policy, Torres pointed out that on the table of the Minister council there is also "being able to get the budgets for the year 2024» and the ministries are currently raising their proposals.

The Government is in this work because, he indicated, "it is important to have general budgets of the State, not only for the central Executive but for all the autonomies."

Ángel Víctor Torres also referred to the request of the Popular Party that the Conference of Presidents. In this regard, he indicated that this "administrative, legal and political instrument" has met more times with Pedro Sánchez than with any other president.

Furthermore, he appealed to consent collected by this forum at the meeting held in The Palm in which the 17 autonomous governments were present and in which the Conference regulations «so that the administrations walk towards the consensus and willingness to resolve differences».

claimed "the spirit of the island" who proposed putting on the table the differences between communities and state administration «to settle them and clear them in the Conference of Presidents ».

Canarian singularities

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory and Secretary General of the PSOE of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, assured that he will exercise his position "with the greatest of efforts" to achieve the best for the country and the singularities of the autonomous community.

He recognized that the mandate of this Government chaired by Pedro Sánchez «it will not be an easy stage because we are in a complex moment" although he recalled that there were also very difficult moments in the Canary Islands during his time as president "and we will face all of this with the best of will."

He understands that "it is going to be an important stage of coexistence in the country and it is important to value what can be contributed from a remote territory like the Canary Islands" and he was in favor of "separate differences and seek agreements".

Torres pointed out that in the Council of Ministers he had indicated that the Canary Islands have never had absolute majorities "and I'm used to agreeing, sitting down to look for common ground, to have empathy with those who have a different position" and that will help in his work as Minister of Territorial Policy.

He will continue to lead the PSOE

On the other hand, Ángel Víctor Torres assured that will continue to lead the Socialist Party in the Canary Islands until the mandate entrusted by the 14th regional congress held in November 2021 is exhausted, meaning that he still has three years left as leader of the organization on the islands.

On the other hand, after registering his resignation as a member of the Parliament of the Canary Islands, will be replaced as president of his group.