Torrent says that the JEC is an administrative body that "cannot disable a deputy"

In an interview this Sunday in Catalunya Ràdio collected by Europa Press, Torrent has defended that Torra is still a deputy of the Parliament and has ensured that the rules of the Catalan Chamber stipulate some cases for which a deputy is disabled "among which there is no disabling occurred. "

"I will do everything in my power to defend the rights as deputy of President Torra," Torrent insisted, adding that on Tuesday the Parliamentary Board will agree to file an appeal to the Supreme Court.

He has ruled out valuing future scenarios because "they would not do a favor to the Government, nor to the Parliament, nor to the political situation of the country. Everything is changing", and has assured that Torra will be able to participate and vote in the next Plenary Session.

"We have seen how they are willing, those who would like us to shut up, not to comply, not to assume the decisions of the high European courts. Well if they do that, what will they not do within the Spanish jurisdictional hierarchy itself?" the president of the Parliament.

Asked if he would present himself as an ERC candidate for future Catalan elections, Torrent stressed that the candidate of his party is Oriol Junqueras, because the ERC militancy has decided so.

Torrent has assured that it is "always available to the party and the country" and stressed that the important thing is to see how the ERC message arrives to the public, regardless of who the face of the party is.


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