October 29, 2020

Torrent confirms that the Catalan elections will be held on February 14

The Catalan elections will be held on February 14, as planned. This has been confirmed this Friday by the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, who has appeared at a press conference to report that he has ended the round of consultations with the parties, in which no candidate has been presented. The head of the Chamber has not found anyone who wants to appear to replace Quim Torra after his disqualification, so he will be the one who will start the clock ticking until the elections.

It will be next Wednesday, October 21, when Torrent will inform the plenary of the Parliament that there is no candidate for investiture, which will be considered an “equivalent act” to the holding of a plenary session that stipulates the regulations of the Parliament. From this moment, a period of two months will begin to run, during which all the deputies are in time to be able to present themselves as candidates.

The date chosen for communication to the Chamber, an announcement that will be made by means of a resolution in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat de Catalunya (DOGC), is not fortuitous, but rather seeks that the elections fall on Sunday. The deadlines that open from October 21 are two. First two months of margin so that a new investiture can take place, something that is considered very unlikely. Then, after the automatic dissolution of the Chamber that would take place on December 21, the elections will be called 54 days later, that is, on Sunday, February 14.


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