October 23, 2020

Torrent announces that the Catalan elections will be on February 14

The president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, announced this Friday that the Catalan elections will most likely be on February 14. This was one of the dates in which the parties in the Government, ERC and JxCat worked in the last days.

In an interview on Rac1, Torrent has argued that you cannot go to “a failed investiture.” “If there is no investiture debate, we will go to elections,” he said, adding that by calendar the elections would fall on February 10, a Wednesday, but “it makes all the sense in the world” – he added – to hold the elections on Day 14. “Better the elections on Sunday than on a weekday and school Wednesday,” he argued.

This week the Catalan vice president, Pere Aragonès, has assumed the acting presidency of the Generalitat in substitution of Quim Torra, disqualified by the Supreme Court for not removing a banner by the prisoners of the procés as requested by the Central Electoral Board.


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