Torra stresses that the rise of the Catalan economy coincides with that of the independence movement

Torra stresses that the rise of the Catalan economy coincides with that of the independence movement

The President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, stressed today that the boom experienced by the Catalan economy during the last five years, in which it has grown above the Spanish GDP, has coincided with the consolidation of the independence movement.

Torra has taken advantage of his speech at the 24th Night of the Entrepreneur organized by the employer Cecot, which has been held in Barcelona, ​​to send the message that the independence movement has not harmed the Catalan economy, but on the contrary, and to thank the employers his "commitment and loyalty" to Catalonia.

The Catalan president has opined that perhaps in the past the Catalans could have been made to believe that the Catalan economy was being "harmed by the independence movement", but "today we know that in 2017 the growth (of Catalonia) was higher than that of the State for the fifth consecutive year, placing the weight of the Catalan economy at 19.2% of Spanish GDP ".

"They are five years that coincide with the consolidation of the independence movement," said Torra, who has taken advantage of the fact that Terrassa's employers were celebrating 40 years to go back to that time.

"40 years ago we saw the end of a black period in the history of the Spanish State," he said in allusion to the end of the Franco regime and the return of democracy to Spain, hand in hand with the 1978 Constitution.

Torra has highlighted that the Catalans were then involved in "consolidating that democracy that was born", since they thought that it would recognize "the right of peoples" to freely choose their future.

"Today, 40 years later, we know that 80% of Catalans consider themselves to be republicans and that they want Catalonia to decide freely on its future," said the president at the ceremony, which was held at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, in Barcelona .

In this line, Torra has ensured that the "repressive power of the State" could be useful 40 years ago, but "in the XXI century the things that are achieved by force have their days counted", since "it is the popular will that matters, "he added.

During a moment of his speech, Torra mentioned former President of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, and recalled that precisely the Night of the Businessman organized by Cecot last year was one of his last acts as president before leaving for Belgium.

The allusion to Puigdemont and the rest of the sovereign leaders who are in preventive detention or who have gone abroad has provoked a closed applause from the assistants.

The act was also attended by the President of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, the former president of the Generalitat Artur Mas, various government consellers and the president of Fepime, Helena de Felipe, among other authorities.


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