May 17, 2021

Torra reproaches Carrizosa for calling him ‘okupa’ and that Torrent does not rebuke him in full

“I regret that this House is insulted with impunity, I am very sorry, and that you do not protest,” Torra said in reference to Torrent after an intervention by Carrizosa in which he has said that he is ‘squatting’ his position, because he considers that he cannot be president of the Generalitat, if he is no longer a deputy of the Parliament.

In the plenary control session, Torra has refused to answer Carrizosa, because he considers that he has insulted him and because he has not asked him any direct question: “I have not been asked anything, it has been a rally.”

Carrizosa has said that this has been a ‘fake’ control session that makes a man who is not president of the Generalitat, because he is not a deputy, but is protected by Torrent “, and has branded intolerable blackmail that the president of the Government Central, Pedro Sánchez, sits with him at the dialogue table.

The orange leader has charged against Torra after he has criticized the Central Electoral Board (JEC) and that one of its members militated in the PP and that another was an advisor to Cs, before which Carrizosa has assured that the Government has paid one of the Provincial Electoral Board (JEP) of Barcelona: “You cannot give us lessons in democracy.”

Carrizosa has called him ‘okupa’ taking advantage of the debate opened by the leader of the PP of Catalonia, Alejandro Fernández, who has asked Torra what he would do if he ‘okuparan’ his private home, to criticize the new decree law on improving access to the living place.

Torra has replied that he is a private individual and not a large holder of housing – the decree makes a different treatment of both cases -, after which Fernández has argued that these regulations leave the owner unprotected and without solutions to a ‘squatter’ .

The popular leader has asked Torra to think of families that have been waiting for years to access social housing and who see others who have ‘squatted’ access before: “Think of families in that situation and repeal the decree”, to what Torra has said that what they want is that social justice prevails.


The first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, has asked Torra if he believes that the Government is making all the necessary efforts to combat sexist violence, because he considers that the Catalan Executive is not treating this issue “as a priority”.

Torra has stressed that the Catalan Budgets of 2020 being processed by the Parliament incorporate for the first time the gender perspective in their games, and has indicated that they will strengthen the network of victims and open 15 new bridge floors, among other measures.

A few days from March 8, International Women’s Day, Torra has asked to do the “sincere exercise of saying that women continue to suffer discrimination and inequality”, and Iceta has demanded that the Government demonstrate with facts and resources that the fight against macho violence is a priority


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