Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

Torra discards elections if there are convictions for the trial and bet to implement the DUI

Torra descarta elecciones si hay condenas por el juicio y apuesta por implementar la DUI

"I have never considered new elections. I have always said that we need a democratic response on the right to self-determination. " The president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has ruled out on Monday the possibility of holding early elections in Catalonia in response to possible convictions to those prosecuted in the case of 'procés', which begins on Tuesday, and has opted to implement the DUI. In this way, the head of the Catalan Executive would be willing to make effective the independence of Catalonia following "the same wake" that carried out his predecessor in office, Carles Puigdemont. On the other hand, Torra has offered Sánchez to continue with the dialogue to unlock the budgets if he agrees to appoint the rapporteur, to speak of self-determination and to put an end to the "repression".

The expresident continued to validate the declaration of independence of 2017 when he claimed that this DUI "is valid and can be activated when we have the conviction and the certainty that it should be done". Once the negotiations with the Socialist Government were broken and the doors of the beginning of the trial, Torra has once again put on the table the unilateral way, recalling, in an interview on Catalunya Ràdio, that he only owes allegiance to the Parliament and that he will abide by what the Catalan camera commission, but recalled that "I was very explicit" in his inaugural speech when he said that his legislature would go "restitution to the Catalan constitution" with "a turning point: the sentences."

The president has insisted that "the answers must be democratic on the right of self-determination of Catalonia" and when he has been questioned on the way to comply with this premise has put in value the "civil disobedience" that in his opinion was the 1 -O and the 27-O. The referendum was for Torra "a magnificent act of disobedience while" the 27-O was an act of confirmation "that" we fulfill "but" we do not implement ". But at this point, the president recalled that his mandate is "to make the republic" for precisely passing the restitution to the Catalan constitution, he explained.

Therefore, now would be to "follow the same wake" as the previous Govern of Puigdemont, and when asked if this means implementing the DUI that was left in abeyance last year, his response has been obvious: "It is that I have manifested with a banner that calls to make the republic. I have this mandate and we have promoted the Civic and Social Forum per the Debat Constituent ". Therefore, "we have never departed from this discourse" and "it has always been very clear". The president has insisted that "we are willing to agree on a referendum", but not to "resign ourselves" to "Spain always saying no".

Torra has ensured that although the dialogue with the central government beyond the bilateral commission is broken, there would still be time and space to speak. It would be something really complicated since since vice president Calvo wished Vice President Aragonès and Councilor Elsa Artadi "good luck" on Friday, there has been no contact beyond a call from Sánchez to the president on Friday afternoon due to the accident railway in Castellgalí.

In any case, the president has placed the possibility of dialogue to raise the amendments to the totoality of the budgets under three conditions: the concretion of the figure of the rapporteur that Torra insists that it be "international", speak of self-determination and "the end of repression ", a condition that has been granted to ERC, since it was they who put it on the table. These are the "minimum to be able to process budgets," he insisted, although "they are already far from what we ask," he said.

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