Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Torra discards elections and Sànchez calls on ANC and Òmnium to lead the response to the sentences

The suspended deputy of JxCat in the Congress Jordi Sànchez has asked for "strategic unity" to the parties and the independence entities, and has demanded the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Cultural quemnium take the leadership.

"I demand the leadership of the ANC and Òmnium to roll up their sleeves and take the risk of making consensus proposals to continue advancing as they did up to 2017," the former ANC leader said in an interview on Saturday. Faqs of TV3.

He has opined that if the entities do so the parties will follow them, and he has affirmed that the entities are "too important to get caught up in internal dynamics and discussions, in temptations to replace the parties or in large advertising campaigns".

Sanchez has argued that, if there is condemnation for the trial of the independence process, "the response should come from the citizens and should be led by the entities," and has claimed that this response is a daring proposal. "We have to be able to stop the country and go to the street without breaking a glass or burn a tire to protest indefinitely, only then we will have the international focus", has proposed the deputy JxCat.

He criticized the pro-independence entities "have not dared to impose a story and proposals for unity, and the parties have gained prominence", and has also ruled out that the solution passes through an election in Catalonia, as it believes that it will confuse the people.

Asked about the votes of JxCat in the face of the investiture of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, the deputy suspended has explained that "now the conditions are not given to give support with a 'yes'."

It has also been suggested that, if there is a repetition of general elections, a "joint list of all sovereign democrats will be presented to respond to the ruling and demand a political solution to the conflict through a referendum."

On the other hand, Quim Torra, has indicated that it has "no intention of calling elections when the sentences arrive" and bets for a "unitary and collective response" that sets an objective. "This objective would not have to go through an election. I would have to go through the exercise of Catalonia's right to self-determination. And therefore the agreement for which I work and for which I will work indefatigably every day until the sentences arrive is this ", adds the President of the Generalitat in an interview granted to the newspaper Public.

Canadell, supporter of "country strike" if it unravels the Catalan situation

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​the independence entrepreneur Joan Canadell, was in favor of making a "country strike" if it serves to "undo" the situation of Catalonia also in an interview on the program Ask Freqüents of TV3. The new president of the Chamber of Barcelona has ensured that, as a representative of the business community, a strike, in principle, "is not good in the short term, but in the long term, maybe yes".

He explained that businessmen are accustomed to making decisions and that, sometimes, a lot of money has to be put on the table which, in the long run, yields a higher return than what is invested, so if the country strike serves to " to disarm "the situation and improve it," is probably a cost that we have to assume ".

The same program has offered statements by suspended deputy of JxC Jordi Sánchez, in preventive detention, who has requested that, if there is a condemnation of the imprisoned politicians, "we must be able to stop the country, go out into the street, without breaking or a glass, or burn a tire, and protest indefinitely. "

"It is very important that we do not renounce absolution, only then will there be justice, we should be able to fill the balconies and the streets of this slogan during these weeks and on September 11," he added.

Sanchez has asked the ANC and Òmnium unit and to lead this response and has said that the disunity of the independence movement "hurts a lot" and that "from prison is especially bitter."

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