Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Torra begins the 48-hour fast Sunday in solidarity with the prisoners

Torra inicia este domingo el ayuno de 48 horas en solidaridad con los presos

The president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, this Sunday will begin ayun
or in solidarity with the independentist politicians imprisoned in Lledoners who are on hunger strike. The Catalan president has chosen the Dipòsit del Rei Martí of Barcelona, ​​an old water deposit located in the neighborhood of Sarrià for Start this claim.

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In fact, Torra will join the action that started on Thursday from 'Fasting of Sarrià', An initiative in which deputies and activists of the parties and independentistas entities carry out brief fasts to show solidarity with the prisoners. The action in the aforementioned deposit began on Friday and consists of the selective fasting of at least a dozen people, who take turns, until next December 20.

Later, Torra is scheduled to visit the monastery of Montserrat, where another group of people will initiate a similar action, also driven by the Prou ​​Ostatges platform (enough hostages). Another place where this fast is planned is the parish house of Santa Maria de Cornellà.

The Catalan president has avoided scheduling any other official act on Monday to be able to fulfill the fast. With this action, Torra will join in a personal capacity with the prisoners on hunger strike and aims to show "solidarity, respect and admiration for the courage of fellow prisoners in hunger strike".

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