October 27, 2020

Torra assumes his disqualification and calls for turning the elections into a plebiscite between “democracy and repression”

The already former president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has appeared this Monday after receiving the notification that confirms his disqualification and definitively separates him from holding any public office for the next year and a half. The hitherto head of the Government has assumed the end of his term and, in a speech delivered by way of farewell, has demanded that the elections that will be held in four months at the earliest become a plebiscite between “democracy and repression.”

The calendar after Torra's disqualification: elections from February and management of the pandemic without new budgets

The calendar after Torra’s disqualification: elections from February and management of the pandemic without new budgets

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“Today I want to talk to you because a judge has decided that I cannot be president. I assure you that all the irregularities of this process will be judged in Europe, the only place where we independentists can find a fair trial,” said Torra, who has been aimed at citizens in Catalan and English. “The judges take this country to a provisional situation that Catalonia does not deserve”, accused the former president.

The former head of the Government has indicated that, in his opinion, independence is possible and can be achieved through a “democratic breakdown” carried out by citizens. “You are the only hope to get out of the well in which the Spanish State wants to put us,” he assured. “It is not just a rhetorical statement,” Torra continued, because in his opinion “one of the obstacles to independence is autonomy itself.”

At the same time, Torra has recognized that during his tenure the Generalitat has been unable to make progress on the independence agenda. “I have not been able to advance further, and I promise you that I was prepared to assume all the consequences,” he said. However, the former president wanted to make it clear that “although the promised Catalan Republic has not been achieved, it has done work”, among which he has given as an example having “accompanied 2,850 reprisals. “Thank you for your sacrifice,” he told them.

The one who has been the leader of the Government between May 2018 and this same Monday has also referred to the management of the pandemic, the issue that has focused his concerns in recent months. “As a Government, I have the satisfaction of saying that we have done what had to be done. In January I said that the legislature had no route, but a pandemic changed everything and today we are focused on it,” he said.

On the fight against COVID-19 has also been the last indication that Torra has given to his Government as president. “Fight 24 hours a day for the life and health of people. Explain to the public with transparency the situation that we find ourselves,” he said, after considering that Catalonia has fought the pandemic without the necessary tools because it is not a state Independent.


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